Onion and Shallot sets in stock

Onion and Shallot sets in stock

We have the following varieties available:
Onion Alpha – a well-known variety with professional growers. Bred in the UK with strong brown skin and a narrow neck which means they dry quickly once harvested
Onion Centurion – this variety does well even in poor weather, and has elongated bulbs, a golden skin and crisp white flesh. Stores well.
Onion Red Baron – this is a late variety with a flattish shape, strong skin and a deep red-purple colour. Does well in any soil type
Onion Red Cross – this is a pretty onion for slicing as it’s white flesh has clearly marked red rings. Stores well.
Onion Snowball – a UK bred variety which produces strong round onions with a white skin. Medium-early, and best eaten fresh as it doesn’t store well, however, it’s reliable in any soil type and easy to grow.
Onion Sturon – probably the most famous onion variety with a domed shape and a strong skin. Well known for high yields.
Onion Stuttgarter Giant –  a reliable old favourite which is very hardy and has good storage qualities.
Shallot Arista – a “banana” shallot which has a sweet flavour and a firm reddish flesh. Bred specially for Northern European growers with less than perfect conditions,
Shallot  Golden Gourmet – a well-known shallot bred in the Netherlands. A medium-early variety with round shallots and strong yellow skin suitable for all soil types
Shallot Red Gourmet – high yields of aromatic and sweet bulbs, with a coppery-brown skin and sweet pink fleshWe also have in stock some Garlic Carousel Pink. Planted now this soft-necked type will produce medium white bulbs with a hint of pink. They have a mellow smokey flavour and store well.Onions and shallots can be planted as soon as the soil is workable. For details on planting, follow our guide by clicking here

Don’t forget we also supply Kelsae Onions as plants in around late April. We usually only have enough to fulfil pre-orders, so please place your order in the shop as soon as possible.

A reminder too that time is running out for planting bare-root hedging. If you haven’t placed your order yet please view our order form here, and hand into the shop or email me as soon as possible.

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