Walled Garden

peaches in the walled garden

The walled garden was formerly the fruit garden for nearby Monteviot House. It is still home to some original espalier and cordon apple and pear trees. We get an unbelievable crop of fruit, much of which ends up in cakes!

Built on a south facing slope (the Victorians were smart!) and surrounded by trees, the walled garden is a peaceful setting – a wonderfully secluded spot to relax and enjoy the wide sky and to listen to the sound of birdsong. In summer the garden is warmed by the sun, and in winter the frost lingers to create amazing patterns.

We are slowly developing the gardens, planting out new borders and establishing new trees and shrubs. It’s a slow process but we like it that way – we don’t do instant makeovers!

We hope that you will become a regular visitor to Woodside, to watch our garden develop and to be inspired perhaps with ideas for your own garden.

Kitchen Garden

The kitchen garden is a working garden where we grow herbs, salads and fruit for the Birdhouse Tearoom.  We hope to demonstrate how you can use your own garden to produce fabulous food. Whether it’s just a window box of herbs or a full blown allotment, there’s always plenty to see and learn.

Opening Times

The plant centre and grocery shop will be open daily from 9:00am to 5:00pm until the end of June. The Tea Room is open daily 10:00am to 5:00pm. Booking is recommended for indoors - please phone 01835 830315.

As Stephen and I are busy most of the time serving customers, offering advice and watering, we are not able to man our office, so please call on 01835 830315 for all bookings and general enquiries. Until we can master the technique of human cloning, emails may go unanswered for several days, and we cannot answer queries on social media as we are busy doing other things!

Due to rapid changes in legislation our website doesn't always reflect up-to-the-minute changes.

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We also grow masses of apples and pears on the trained fruit trees within the garden – many of which are the original plants from the garden’s Victorian heyday. The Tearoom team make delicious cakes from this fresh fruit. Even more surprising are the old peach trees which crop heavily on a south-facing wall. They’ve come through the recent two cold winters very well, and we’ve started re-training them properly against the wall after some years of neglect. Unfortunately we have lost one of the peach trees, possibly due to root damage when we rotovated the border prior to seeding, but we have added two cherry trees which we hope will do well there.

As with all parts of the garden we are slowly developing the kitchen garden, so be patient with us as we improve the garden as fast as time, weather and budget permit!

Kitchen Garden at Woodside near Jedburgh

The Garden Gallery