Exhibiting at Woodside



1. Local artists may book one calendar month exhibition space in the Birdhouse Tearoom upon approval of pictures by Emma Emmerson. Booking should be made with Emma upon approval of sample images.
2. The artists should use only the hooks available and should not remove, re-locate or add any other hooks. If this term is not adhered to Woodside reserves the right to charge the artist for any repairs or redecorating work to the tearoom walls.
3. Please ensure that pictures do not obstruct any existing products or promotional/information material.
4. The artist will clearly display the price of each piece on the item itself, and will not use tape, blue-tack or any other adhesive on the Tearoom walls.
5. There are no hanging fees, and a commission of 20% is applied to all items sold
6. Each item sold will be rung through our till on our “Artwork” department. The artist should keep their own record of pieces exhibited and prices charged in order to provide an accurate invoice at the end of the exhibition. The invoice submitted should show the full price of the item sold with a discount of 20% applied.
7. The final invoice will be settled by Woodside within 30 days of date of invoice, upon approval when checking our records of items sold.
8. Exhibitors may provide packing materials if they wish (ie bubble-wrap) however storage space at Woodside is very limited and we cannot guarantee safe storage of such items.
9. Exhibitors may provide business cards or leaflets during their exhibition month which will be displayed at our discretion. Unsuitable material will be removed. All promotional material should be collected at the end of the exhibition.
10. Exhibitors may sell additional cards, prints etc with prior approval if space permits on a 20% commission basis.
11. Any items uncollected by the exhibitor at the end of the exhibition will be taken down by members of Woodside staff and stored for one month only. We cannot accept any responsibility for the safe-keeping of such items once the exhibition has finished.
12. Woodside reserves the right to refuse any exhibition should the subject matter prove inappropriate, or for any other reason.
13. Exhibitors are invited to submit to Emma via email (
emma@woodsidegarden.co.uk) a brief description of themselves and their exhibition for free inclusion on our website. This information should be submitted as soon as possible after booking.