How to Grow Garlic

How to Grow Garlic Outside

Planting time – Late October

Split the bulb into individual cloves just before planting. Each bulb averages about 3-5 cloves.
Garlic prefers a light sandy loam soil. If your ground is very heavy plant in a ridge to stop the garlic from sitting in water logged ground during the winter. Garlic does not grow well in acidic soil, a pH of 6.5 – 7 is ideal.
Plant cloves approximately 2 inches deep and about 6 inches apart. The rows should be approx 12 inches apart.
By February the garlic should emerge. It will benefit from a feed of Sulphate of potash, applied at a rate of 3oz per sq yd at this time.
Keep the soil weed free to avoid extra work later on. Keep the garlic well watered.

In late May/early June the Flowering shoot (called a scape) will appear. This should be cut or snapped off near to where it emerges from the plant so the plant puts all its energy into swelling the bulb. The scapes are delicious chopped up in to salads and stir fry’s. It is also delicious steamed like asparagus and served with hollandaise sauce.

About 5 weeks after picking the scapes, when the lower leaves are dying off, the garlic should be ready to harvest – around mid July. Yellowing of the outer leaves is a good indication that your garlic is ready for harvest!

When you have lifted your garlic, leave out in the sun if the weather is good or hang somewhere dry and airy to cure the skins. It is very important to dry the garlic thoroughly otherwise it will mould on storage. Store your garlic in a warm dry place. Cold conditions will make the garlic think it is winter again and it will start to grow or sprout. Do not store in the fridge. Another good storage option is to peel and puree some cloves and freeze in small portions i.e an ice cube tray.

How to Grow Garlic in Pots

Our garlic can also be grown in pots. Plant approx 2” deep and no more than 3 cloves per 6” pot, or 8 – 10 cloves to a 10” pot. Keep it well watered. Leave outside over the winter and feed regularly from February to April with standard plant food.

Our garlics are usually available for sale in late September to October – just phone 01835 830315 to order yours.