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The aquatic department at Woodside opened in spring 2021 and we now offer all the aquatic supplies you could need for your pond and water garden.

Stephen is our expert in all things water gardening and he can offer specialist advice to help you with your project. If you need to discuss anything with him just give us a call on 01835 830 315 to check his availability.


Correct planting is a crucial part of a successful pond to ensure that your water not only stays healthy but looks beautiful too. Here at Woodside we have a range of oxygenating plants and marginals as well as water lilies and bog garden plants. As availability is seasonal, the best time to stock up on these is from April through to August.

We also have aquatic planting baskets, hessian liners, aquatic compost and pond plant fertiliser to help you care for your pond plants.

Pond Liner, Pumps and Filters

The first item you will require when building your pond is pond liner and we stock EPDM Greenseal liner off the roll as well as underlay. We sell the Oase range of pond pumps, filters and pond lighting suitable for all project sizes from a small water barrel to a large landscaped water feature.

Water treatments, including organic options are available to help keep your pond water crystal clear.

Pond Fish

No pond would be complete without cold water fish and our range includes goldfish, comets, shubunkins, orfe and koi. We also sell fish food and pond nets in the plant centre. We are happy to take orders for bigger quantities of fish for big projects.

Opening Times

The plant centre, grocery shop and tea room are currently open daily from 9:00am to 5:00pm. (10:00am to 4:00pm November to March). Booking is recommended for indoor seating in the tea room -  please phone 01835 830315.

Car Park

Car parking is only available during opening hours. The car park gate is locked when we are closed.

How to Get in Touch

We love meeting people and caring for our plants, but we are not so keen on sitting in the office and working  on a computer. Because of our lovely woodland setting internet signals are intermittent, so emails and social media requests may go un-answered. Please phone us during opening hours on 01835 830315 for all enquiries.


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