Autumn Trees in Stock

We have nearly 200 autumn trees in stock following the large delivery that arrived last week. If you have already placed an order with us then you should expect a phone call soon to say your trees have arrived. If you haven’t already pre-ordered then don’t worry – there are plenty to go around! Highlights include a lovely range of Crab Apples (Malus) many of which are bearing brightly coloured fruits just now, a very pretty and unusual weeping variegated cherry called Prunus Frilly Frock, a good selection of Rowans (Sorbus) a weeping Mulberry, plenty of Victoria Plum trees, both on semi-dwarf and semi-vigorous rootstocks, and many more ornamental and fruit trees.. Don’t forget to plant with Bonemeal and Rootgrow for the very best possible start.

Bedding Plants

We are really well stocked with bedding plants just now as we have just had a fresh delivery in. The choice includes pansies, wallflowers, primroses, bellis, Sweet Williams and polyanthus. Summer bedding schemes in gardens are now beginning to look quite tired after the long warm summer, so this weekend should be a good time to haul the old plants out and plant with fresh plants, which will see you through right until next summer. For an even better Spring display, why not underplant with bulbs.


We now have just about all our bulbs in stock, and we have our biggest choice yet, including a fabulous Allium collection (look out for varieties Hair and Red Mohican – you’ve probably never seen alliums like these before!) and some of the giant border Fritillarias, known as Crown Imperials. We’ve also a great choice of Tulips, Daffodils, Dwarf Iris, Species Crocus, miniature Narcissus and lots more. We’ve also got bulb kits inside the shop for Christmas or winter gifts. Fill containers with Dalefoot Bulb Compost for the best results.

Autumn Gardening Essentials

We now have quite a bit more space for stock, due to our lovely new canopy that went up this year, and this means we can offer you more useful products than ever before. NEW in just now are:
Wheelbarrows – in trendy pink or traditional green
Besoms – traditional brooms perfect for sweeping autumn leaves
Leaf Scoops – like a pair of extra large hands to scoop up your piles of leaves
Bulb Planters – these remove a handy plug of earth to help make bulb planting that bit easier
One-handed shears – several of you have been asking for these handy tools, and so we now have them in stock
Herb Scissors – while not exactly seasonal, these amazing scissors are multi-bladed and will cut up your herbs into little pieces with very little effort. Maybe a good Christmas present idea?
Mushroom Kits – perfect for your own use or to give as a present.