Bedding Plants Now in Stock

bedding plants for sale

Well, what a difference a couple of weeks has made with the weather! We are now in full bedding plant mode and we’re well stocked up, although they are selling fast!  I’ve checked the weather forecast and there doesn’t seem to be any frosts looming, but obviously do keep checking and cover bedding plants with fleece if required.

So, NEW in this week, we have TRIXIES. These are 3 plants grown as one, and are simply brilliant for hanging baskets and containers. Just plant them as one plant and watch them grow. We have four different Trixie mixes available. Also NEW this week are Argyranthemums (Marguerites). These are big daisy flowering bedding plants with attractive feathery foliage, and we have these in white, pink or pale yellow. Look out too for another batch of Osteospermums and Nemesias, which will flower all summer long if regularly fed with a liquid fertiliser, and dead-headed.

Packs of bedding plants

In our bedding plants pack range, which are all great value at £3.99 each or 4 for £14 (cheaper than last year!) we have Lobelia, Alyssum, Nicotiana, Begonia semps, Petunias, Salvias, Verbenas, Viola, Dianthus, Mesembryanthemum, and Marigolds. We also have bedding Geraniums in packs, although these are a different price and not included in the multibuy offer.

In the garden plant range we have the ever popular Verbena bonariensis. I treat this as an annual in my garden as I hardly ever can get it to over-winter, but we sell it as little plants at just £3.99 at this time of year, so it’s well worth planting fresh each year. Other very popular plants are the thistly Circium, the rich red flowered Astrantia Star of Love, the almost black leaved Cimicifuga actea Atropurpurea, funky looking Farfugium Wavy Gravy, gorgeous Hostas, Liatris Floristan Violet, and Liriope muscari Big Blue.

We’re open 9am – 5 pm every day, and we look forward to seeing you soon. Please remember the best way to get in touch is to phone us on 01835 830315. Emails and social media messages may get missed as we are all “hands-on” serving.

Water Gardening Shop Open

Pond supplies - ornamental fish

Our aquatics section is now fully open for the summer, with a great range of fresh pond plants. These include marginals, deep water plants, water lilies and potted oxygenators.

We have also had our first delivery of pond fish for the season:
Sarasa Comets
Albino Grass Carp
Long-nosed Sturgeon
Golden Orfe
Blue Orfe
Koi Carp

In addition our Water Gardening Shop is also fully stocked with a good range of pond pumps (including solar powered pumps), self-contained water features, filters, pond liner and underlay, fish food and much more.

The Water Gardening Shop is open every day 9am – 5pm, but if you require specialist advice on ponds please call us on 01835 830315 and ask to make an appointment with Stephen.

Breakfast Menu

A banana pancake, part of the breakfast menu at Woodside

An extended breakfast menu is now being served in the Birdhouse Tearoom.

As of 1st March we are open from 9:00am, so we are now offering a wider range of breakfasts in the Birdhouse Tearoom, which will be available every day between 9am – 11am. We’ve all had a taste of our new menu items, and they’ve had a resounding “thumbs up”! (My favourite is the hash brown with scrambled egg and smoked salmon).

Birdhouse Tearoom Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Rolls:  choose from the following fillings

  • Lorne Sausage
  • Bacon
  • Scrambled Egg

1 filling £4;  2 fillings £5; 3 fillings £6.

Woodside Breakfast Muffins – two homemade mini “muffins” made with cottage cheese, chives, courgette, mushrooms, and spinach, served with warm cherry tomatoes. £6.95.
Add a rasher of crisp bacon for an extra £1

Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Egg – A hash brown, topped with organic free-range scrambled egg, and finest Scottish smoked salmon. £6.95

Banana Pancake Stack – layers of fresh banana and warm pancakes, with a maple syrup drizzle £5.95

I hope you enjoy our breakfast menu as much as I’ve enjoyed sampling it.

Ornamental and Fruit Trees now in stock

skimmia for sale at Woodside Plant Centre

It’s been a very busy week with ornamental and fruit trees now in stock.

Look out for the delicious honey-scented Sarcococca, which is in flower just now and filling the air with it’s gorgeous perfume, and we also have 2 different varieties of Daphne, also smelling very sweet. Our Hamamelis (Witchhazels) are in bud and flower, and you can choose from 5 varieties – Rubin, Aphrodite, Arnold Promise, Pallida and Diane. We also have a handful of really bushy Camellias in stock, which are all bursting with buds and the promise of flamboyant flowers – Nikisi Kerin, Nuccio’s Pearl, Kick Off and Marie Williams are our current varieties.

Ornamental and Fruit Trees

With the new delivery we now have over 300 ornamental and fruit trees to choose from.

My favourites are:

  • Acer tataricum Hot Wings – an very ornamental Maple with winged scarlet seeds in autumn
  • Betula jaquemontii – one of the very best white stemmed birches
  • Betula albosinensis China Rose – a birch with shiny copper peeling bark
  • Cercidiphyllum japonicum – the Katsura tree, which has spectacular autumn foliage which smells of candyfloss
  • Fagus sylvatica Midnight Feather – a weeping birch with feathery purple/black leaves
  • Liquid amber – beautiful trees with Maple shaped leaves
  • Malus – Crab apples. We have a choice of 10 different varieties, all with attractive autumn fruits
  • Nyssa Red Rage – shiny dark green leaves that turn a fiery red in autumn
  • Quince – these are the proper fruiting quinces, not the ornamental Japanese quince (Chaenomeles), and we have 3 different varieties – Meech’s Prolific, Serbian Gold, and Vranja
  • Sorbus – Rowans, or Mountain Ash. 10 different varieties to choose from.

These are just my personal recommended trees – we have many more in stock, all suitable for growing in this area. They do sell quickly and it might be autumn before another batch comes in, so if you’d like anything reserving just call 01835 830315, or better still, come in and see the full range for yourself.

You can see some plant highlights on our Facebook page, by clicking here.

It’s Time to Buy Your Vegetable Seeds

sowing vegetable seeds

Are you dreaming of spring and planning for an abundant summer now that the snowdrops and aconites are brightening up the gloomy days?

It’s time to buy your vegetable seeds and we have a full range in stock, start by sowing leeks and onions now.

Why not try some new vegetable seeds for 2024 such as:

  • Watercress
  • Aubergine Pin Stripe (very attractive striped fruits and a compact growth habit)
  • Spinach Colusa F1 (a smooth leaved spinach with high mildew resistance),
  • Turnip Temari Mixed (an attractive mixture of red and white salad turnips),
  • Edamame Bean Green Shell (a soya bean variety which is becoming very popular in the UK),
  • Tomato Ruby Falls (deep red cocktail tomatoes),
  • Tomato Honeymoon (incredible pink fruits and an explosion of flavour),
  • Tomato Garnet (rich bronze fruits with good flavour).

Growing vegetables from seed is surprisingly easy, and of course very rewarding, being good for you physically and mentally. We have a good range of useful extras such as seed trays, labels and waterproof pens, and string lines to help get you started.

Green Manures

If you’re thinking about resting part of your vegetable plot (essential as crop rotation allows for nutrients to replenish) then you might want to consider sowing a green manure crop. These are plants that are grown on otherwise fallow land, and are then dug into the ground to increase nutrient content and to improve structure. Some green manures also have the advantage of producing flowers which are beneficial to pollinating insects. We have an improved range of varieties this year for you to choose from:

  • Alfalfa
  • Buckwheat
  • Crimson Clover
  • Field Beans
  • Grazing Rye
  • Mustard
  • Phacelia (very pretty blue flowers, loved by bees)
  • Trefoil
  • White Clover
  • Winter Tares
  • Winter Mix
  • Summer Mix

Sweet Peas

Sweet peas should be sown soon too and we have 28 varieties of sweet pea seeds.

We also have wildflower seeds available and 34 varieties of herb seeds.

Happy dreaming, planning and sowing.

New Year at Woodside

snowdrops welcoming the new year at woodside garden

Happy New Year to all and welcome to 2024 at Woodside Garden and Plant Centre. We have already started the changes for 2024, so have closed the Birdhouse Tearoom for a few days whilst we have a new floor put in and a redecorate completed. You will be able to see what it looks like at our Woodside Winter Warmer lunches, which start next week, at our Kailyard Lunch on 19th January or at our Burns Lunches.

With the turn of the year we always start looking forward to summer in the garden and look for those milestones that take us through the winter. January is marmalade-making time and our Seville oranges have already nearly sold out. Other early year highlights which will be in stock very soon are:

  • Forced rhubarb from Yorkshire
  • Seed potatoes
  • Onion sets.

Those of you who are eagle-eyed might also have spotted bulbs coming up and even the first snowdrops in flower.

Big Garden Birdwatch

The Big Garden birdwatch takes place over the 26th to 28th January  – we have a good range of bird food and feeders, so you should have no problem stocking up to help the birds through the winter and enjoy watching them on your feeders.

Merry Christmas At Woodside

Christmas at Woodside

It’s the last run up to Christmas at Woodside. We are open here right through to Christmas Eve and we still have some amazing Chrismassy items in stock to make yours a merry one!

Christmas Trees

We still have some stunning 6 foot Premium Scottish Grown Nordmann Christmas trees available. Although it’s nearing the end of the Christmas tree selling period, all our remaining trees are looking really good – it was a fabulous batch we had delivered, with not a bad one amongst them, so still some really cracking trees to be had.  Don’t forget to add some water to your Christmas tree holder, as that really helps to keep them looking good. We are running short on some sizes now, but we still have plenty of 6ft trees, which is the most popular size.

We’re still busy making Christmas wreaths both for doors and for the cemetery. All our outdoor wreaths are made here at Woodside using freshly picked holly, so will stay looking fresh for some time yet. Other shops usually sell wreaths made weeks before, so aren’t such good value for money as they will soon look tired and dried out, while ours will keep going. You won’t want to throw them away in January!

Christmas Groceries

Our grocery shop is crammed full of festive products ready for Christmas. Particular highlights include:
Fresh cranberries
Medjoul dates – really enormous and the best you will get (sold loose so you can buy as many as you want)
Ready to eat French chestnuts
British Brussel sprouts
Whole frozen local pheasants
Moroccan spiced pheasant burgers (frozen)
Pheasant, cranberry, chestnut and orange sausages (frozen)
Gluten free bread sauce mix
Preserved lemons
and a whole lot more…..

Sourdough Bread

We get fresh bread on Saturdays and Wednesdays, including  Saturday 23rd December – we are taking Christmas orders for:
Plain sourdough
Seeded sourdough
Cranberry and walnut sourdour loaf
Turmeric and nigella seed sourdough loaf
Rosemary focaccia
Bacon and jalapeno focaccia
Sweet Christmas focaccia

Christmas House Plants

We also have a wonderful range of indoor plants to brighten up your Christmas or to give as a gift:
Hyacinths as single bulbs or in arrangements
Indoor Azaleas
Citrus trees


Christmas is Coming at Woodside

Christmas wreaths

Christmas wreath making is well under way here at Woodside, the Christmas trees are coming in this week and we are now taking orders for groceries from the shop for the festive season.

Christmas Wreath making

We are busy making Christmas wreaths for all our customers that have pre-ordered and we will be making extras for sale in the plant centre. All our wreaths are by hand and machine using fresh branches of fir and holly, all on a metal base. They are either  tastefully decorated or left plain for you to decorate yourself if you wish.

Our small wreaths are usually used at the cemetery and are either decorated with natural pine cones or artificial white Christmas roses and are £18 each.

Our large wreaths all have a bow in a variety of colours and designs, and can either be decorated with pine cones for a natural look, or with decorations known as “picks”. The large wreaths with cones are £25 each and with picks are £28 each.

If you’re looking for something even bigger and brighter we also make some XL wreaths, and decorate them with a bow and picks – this deluxe version is £40.

We try to have plenty of wreaths available to buy in the plants centre, but sometimes we just can’t make them fast enough, so if you’d like to order one please give us a call on 01835 830315.

Wreath-making workshops

If you fancy making a wreath yourself, we still have spaces on our wreath making workshops the week after next. We have 4 sessions available:

  • 12th December 10am – 12.30pm
  • 12th December 1.30pm – 4pm
  • 13th December 10am – 12.30pm
  • 13th December 1.30pm – 4pm.

Each workshop costs £35 per person including all the materials needed to hand make and decorate a wreath, plus a cup of tea or coffee and a mince pie. All you need to bring is a pair of secateurs and gloves. I would also recommend wearing warm comfy clothes.

If you’d like to attend please book your place on 01835 830315. You can also buy a place on this workshop as a Christmas gift – just let us know when booking.

Christmas Groceries

We are now taking bookings for Christmas groceries from our shop, including frozen meals, fruit and vegetables, luxury goods, gluten free products, frozen whole pheasants, frozen local venison and homemade bread. You can see our list by clicking HERE, and we have plenty more that isn’t listed too.  Don’t forget we are open every day 10am – 4pm right up to and including Christmas Eve, so do come in and take a look.

Nordmann Christmas Trees

Our cut Nordmann Christmas trees are arriving this week, ready for those of you that want to get your tree up on the 1st December. Our trees are all the non-needle drop variety, and will look good for ages – even when it’s time to get them down in January.  We also have Christmas tree stands, lights and decorations, so hopefully everything you need to get your home all Christmassy.

As usual, for all enquiries, bookings and orders as well as tearoom reservations, please phone us on 01835 830315. As we are very busy we don’t always have the time to check emails or social media, so please pick up the phone and give us a call.

Christmas Dining Dates Announced

Christmas lunch place setting

We are pleased to be able to announce our Christmas dining dates at Woodside for you to  pre-book and get them in the diary. Why not treat yourself or a friend for Christmas with one of our meals?

Our December dates are as follows, and the menus for our Christmas Lunch and Christmas Afternoon Tea are below:
Monday December 4th – Christmas Lunch in the Birdhouse Tearoom at 1pm
Tuesday December 5th – Christmas Lunch in the Birdhouse Tearoom at 1pm
Thursday December 7th – Christmas Afternoon Tea in the Birdhouse Tearoom at 3pm
Monday December 11th – Christmas Lunch in the Birdhouse Tearoom at 1pm
Tuesday December 12th – Christmas Lunch in the Birdhouse Tearoom at 1pm
Thursday December 14th – Christmas Afternoon Tea in the Birdhouse Tearoom at 3pm
Friday December 15th – Christmas Evening Kailyaird Restaurant in The Birdhouse Tearoom at 7pm
Monday 18th December – Christmas Lunch in the Birdhouse Tearoom at 1pm
Tuesday 19th December – Christmas Lunch in the Birdhouse Tearoom at 1pm
Thursday 21st December – Christmas Afternoon Tea in the Birdhouse Tearoom at 3pm

All these events and meals require to be booked by phoning us on 01835 830315.

Christmas Lunch in the Birdhouse Tearoom

Available Mondays & Tuesdays in December 1:00pm.

Classic prawn cocktail and seeded bread
Warm goat’s cheese and tomato tartlet
Traditional turkey lunch with roast potatoes, stuffing, pigs in blankets, braised red cabbage, seasonal vegetables and gravy
Cranberry, mushroom and brie Wellington with potatoes, seasonal vegetables and vegetable gravy
Christmas Pudding and custard
Chocolate and raspberry roulade
Choice of ice cream

£26 per person  – Please book on 01835 830315 with your menu choices

Please let us know if you have any food allergies or intolerances when booking


Christmas Afternoon Tea

Available on Thursdays leading up to Christmas at 3:00 pm

Bookings only

Or you could  enjoy a deluxe Christmas Afternoon Tea.

It consists of:
*Smoked salmon sandwich
*Pigs in blankets
*Home-made chocolate brownie
*Christmas scone
*Homemade mince pie
*Homemade Florentine biscuit
*Tea, coffee or a cold drink

£16 per person.

Please note that our standard Afternoon Tea for Two Vouchers cannot be used to pay in full for this deluxe version!


Pre-order Christmas Trees

Christmas tree

Pre-order Christmas trees and our real handmade Christmas wreaths at special discounted “Early Bird” prices now until the 21st November.

You can pre-order cut Christmas trees, we are using the same Scottish supplier of cut Nordmann Christmas trees as the last few years – and even better news is that we have managed to hold prices the same as last year too. Pre-ordering saves at least £5 on the regular price, and allows you to tick off a job done from your Christmas “to do” list!

This year our pre-order discount covers potted Christmas Trees too. These are real growing trees that can be planted out in the garden after use, or potted up into a bigger pot to use again next year.

Our handmade wreaths, made from real local foliage, are increasing in popularity year on year, and we sometimes struggle to make enough for all our customers. By pre-ordering you guarantee that a wreath will be freshly made here at Woodside by our own fair hands, and ready to collect on your chosen date. Smaller wreaths are usually used on graves, and the larger ones are for hanging on your door, but the choice is yours.

The price list for all our pre-order Christmas deals is available by clicking HERE or just pop into Woodside and ask about our prices.

Please phone us with all orders on 01835 830315 and have your card details handy for payment. Telephone only please – we are unable to take orders by email.  All pre-orders need to be with us by 21st November.

Christmas Shop

Still on a Christmas theme, our plant shop has now been transformed into our Christmas shop, with all the display items in the tearoom  available for sale. Our available products includes, candles, decorations, crackers, artificial  flowers, wreaths and garlands, and Christmas lights. We’re really pleased with our Christmas displays this year, so do come in and take a look, and be inspired.