Bedding Plant Bonanza

We have a  bedding plant bonanza for you this week with lots of colourful bedding plants to brighten up your gardens, patios, window boxes and containers.

Here’s what we have to offer you:

Argyranthemums (Crazy Daisies) in a choice of colours £4.99 each

Callibrachoas in both single and double flowered forms in a good choice of colours including popular orange shades. Just £2.99 each or “Mix & Match” with any other £2.99 bedding – 6 for £15

Bacopas are back in stock again – we thought we’d seen the last of them, but another batch has become available, also another batch of bright cheerful Bidens. All £2.99 each, “Mix & Match” 6 for £15. We’ve some special varieties of Biden available too – the BEE series – very attractive flowers and ferny foliage. These are in bigger pots and are £3.99 each

We also have a batch of trailing Nepeta for hanging baskets and troughs – a really pretty variegated foliage plant with long trails, and one of the best and fastest growing trailing plants around.

Our “Shades Carry Packs” are back in stock again – packs of 6 plants in Blue Shades, Hot Shades or Pink Shades. No need to worry about plant selection or colour schemes as the choice has already been made for you! We’ve also got Upright Fuchsia Carry Packs and Non-Stop Begonia Carry Packs. All Carry packs priced at £14.99 each.

We’ve got a good selection of “Trixies” again. These are pots of three plants planted as one, and you can simply plant into a container or basket to give an attractive display of flower colour all summer long. These are the perfect choice for novice gardeners as the hard work has already been done – just plant and enjoy! Don’t forget to regularly feed and dead-head all your bedding plants to keep them looking good right up until the first frosts of the autumn.

Pre-Planted Troughs

If you can’t be bothered to plant up your own containers, or want to give one as a gift, we also have a selection of planted bowls, troughs and hanging pots priced from £19.99. These are planted with a selection of bright and cheerful bedding plants, to give a welcome splash of colour to the garden or patio.

Chocolate Cosmos

This incredible plant for chocolate lovers is now available at Woodside for the first time this year. Attractive foliage is topped by deep maroon cup-shaped flowers which smell strongly of chocolate. They look really effective planted in a pot either just on their own or mixed with other plants, or you could mass plant in the garden for a showy, scented display. They are not reliably hardy for overwintering (although the green-fingered amongst you may be able to succeed) so are best treated as a bedding plant, with overwintering a lovely bonus if it happens. Our plants are in 1.5 litre pots, so are a good size already, and are £7.99 each. Hand over a full loyalty card and you can purchase 3 Chocolate Cosmos for £20.

House Plants

We now have houseplants in stock at Woodside, including the famous award-winning Streptocarpus from Dibley’s nurseries. Other plants include Begonia Rex, Spider Plants, Wandering Sailer plants, and Zantedeschias. So there’s no excuse for you garden to be prettier than your house this summer!