Gardening In August

Whilst most of you have been enjoying your garden in the sunshine over the last week or so, we have been planning our stock for the rest of the year. In the gardening business we always seem to looking at least three months ahead, which is why I am busy placing Christmas orders. (Sorry!)

Many gardeners will also be thinking about what they would like to improve for next year and will be planning for colour throughout the year. Here are a few things you can do in your garden now and over the next few weeks to increase the enjoyment of your garden.

  1. Plant potatoes ready for Christmas – we have in stock both Charlotte and Pentland Javelin seed potatoes which can be planted now for you to harvest home-grown new potatoes on christmas morning.
  2. Sow autumn and winter bedding plant seeds such as pansies, wallflowers and sweet williams – seeds available in the plant centre
  3. Sow green manure seeds to improve the fertility of the soil
  4. Plant some conifers – we have a new delivery of conifers from specialist growers Golden Grove. These plants offer great value for money with year round interest
  5. Feed your garden – quite often when Stephen and I are answering questions to do with garden plants under-performing it seems that a lot of gardeners don’t realise that plants need regular feeding. With the weather set to break soon (maybe later today?) now is a great time to get some feed into the garden. It’s not difficult to do and usually involves scattering handfuls of granular fertiliser onto your borders, or watering fertiliser into pots and containers, so no heavy digging required! Feeding now will enable plants to build up strength and vigour before autumn and winter set in, which will in turn improve performance and growth next year. Our current range of fertilisers includes Growmore, Bonemeal, slow release granules, TopRose and more. Just ask for advice when you visit.
  6. Plant spring bulbs in autumn – these will be coming into stock in August and into September. Planting in autumn will ensure a riot of colour next spring.


Photo credit: Photo by mostafa meraji on Unsplash