House Plants for Sale

Following many requests from customers we now have house plants for sale here at Woodside.

We are now proud to stock plants grown by the award-winning Dibley’s Nursery, based in Wales, who specialise in Streptocarpus (Cape Primrose) plants, along with a range of other easy to grow but interesting house plants. They are regular exhibitors across the UK at RHS Flower shows (all of which are cancelled for the year), and have won an astonishing 26 Chelsea Flower Show GOLD medals.

Cape Primroses for sale

One of their most popular and spectacular Streptocarpus is “Polka Dot”, pictured above, and we are pleased to have these available along with a selection of other named varieties. Streptocarpus are fairly straight foward to grow, and can be addictive – once you start collecting you can’t stop – so be warned!

They do best on an east or west facing windowsill, which avoids the hot middle of the day sunshine, and should be watered sparingly being careful not to over-water. They readily produce plenty of showy flowers in a variety of colours, many with attractive markings.

Foliage Begonias

Dibley’s are also well known for their foliage Begonias, and we have a good selection of these available, as named varieties. These make excellent houseplants and have a wide range of different foliage shapes, patterns and colours to give all year round interest to your house-plant display.

We’ve also got Curly Spiderplants (Chlorophytum), and an unusual Tradescantia called Bridal Veil which is a trailing plant with masses of white flowers and curious leaves with purple undersides. Both of these are suitable for hanging pots as they have a lovely trailing habit. Finally, we also have Nematanthus in stock, which is an attractive evergreen houseplant, sometimes known as the Goldfish plant, although I have no idea why – perhaps one of you can enlighten me!