Latest Plants in Stock

We are an independent plant centre, so we like to treat our customers to some specialist plants – ones that will make their garden stand out from their neighbours. We also stock plants that will survive our Scottish weather – very important given the recent late cold snap.  Here are a selection of the more unusual varieties we currently have in stock:

Japanese Maples

These beautiful little trees will enhance any garden and look good in pots, as well as in borders, near water features and in oriental inspired plantings. Our plants are coming into leaf and are hardened off so can cope with the current cold weather.
Acer palmatum varieties:

  • Emerald Lace
  • Trompenburg
  • Dissectum
  • Enken
  • Osakazuki
  • Jerre Schwattz
  • Red Feathers
  • Bloodgood
  • Garnet
  • Katsura
  • Acer conspicuum Red Flamingo
  • Acer shirasawanum Aureum
  • Acer shirasawanum Jordan


Gorgeous full potfuls of plants. We have four varieties available just now:

  • Fargesia angustissima
  • Fargesia Rufa
  • argesia robusta Pingwu
  • Fargesia Jumbo

Water Lilies

If you are visiting our new aquatics department and are wanting to plant up your pond, we also have good choice of water lilies for both large and small ponds

  • Gonnere (White)
  • James Brydon (Red)
  • Marliacea Chromatella (Yellow)
  • Mrs Richmond (Pink)
  • Odorata sulphurea (Yellow)
  • Pygmaea helvola (Dwarf Yellow)
  • Snow Princess (White)
  • Vesuve (Red)
  • Xiafei (Red)
  • Attraction (Red)
  • Charles de Meurville (pink)
  • Sioux (Pale Pink)
  • Albatross (White)

This is just a small selection of the range of plants we have in stock, so please come and browse, if you are not sure we are always happy to advise you.