New Voucher Scheme

After much deliberation we have now decided to discontinue our loyalty card scheme in favour of a voucher scheme which will be available to all recipients of our newsletter.

Loyalty Card Scheme Update

Pricings and costings have changed so much since the loyalty card was launched 11 years ago, that it has become difficult to update in a way that gives value for money for you the customer, and be also economically viable for us, the business. We will of course still honour all full loyalty cards in the tearoom, where you can enjoy a free cup of tea or coffee and a scone or a traybake when you hand over a full card. In addition we will also continue to fill any already started cards in the plant centre, but we will not be issuing any more new ones.

Voucher Scheme and Special Offers

As a replacement we will be offering regular special offers and vouchers to recipients of our newsletter  We know we have many very loyal customers – some of whom have loyalty cards, and some who have never joined the scheme, so now we are able to reward you all with these regular vouchers, and we thank you all for your continued support of Woodside. Simply print off the voucher and bring them along with you to Woodside to hand in when you purchase the relevant item. One voucher per person please – unless otherwise stated.

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