Our Grocery Section

As our regular visitors will know we have added a grocery section to the plant centre. We sell a great range of fresh fruit and vegetables and we have a delivery twice per week. The selection is seasonal, so may include, potatoes, leeks, celeriac, parsnips, carrots and onions – all perfect for warming soup. We also have broccolli, sprouts, beetroot, squash and salad items available and apples, pears, bananas, oranges and satsumas.

Our grocery section also includes local honey, free range eggs and stock cupboard items such as nuts, dried fruits and pulses.

Christmas deliveries

There always tends to be a bit of a rush to get fruit and vegetables in the run up to Christmas. We will be getting a delivery on both Tuesday 22nd and Tuesday 29th, so you can stock up for the two holiday weekends.

Our grocery section means that you can get your weekly fruit and veg shop at the same time as you do Christmas shopping for gardening friends, treat yourself to something fort he garden and pop in for a Christmas lunch. If you are hardy you can even meet up with another household in our outdoor seating area – blankets are provided!