Time to Plant Soft Fruit Bushes

Autumn is a good time to plant soft fruit bushes and our delivery has just arrived.

Planting conditions are perfect just now with the ground warm and moist, so why not make the most of the weather and use your time to plant soft fruit bushes? We source all our plants from a renowned Scottish grower, and always select varieties which should do well in the challenging climate that we experience here in the Scottish Borders.

Our  selection includes:
Blueberries – Blue Crop, Brigitta, Jersey and Hortblue Petite (a dwarf variety suitable for pots). Don’t forget that Blueberries enjoy acid conditions, so plant with ericaceous compost and feed with ericaceous fertiliser.

Blackberry – Merton Thornless

Blackcurrants – Ben Connan ( a very frost tolerant early variety) Ben Sarek (an early variety with compact growth suitable for smaller spaces) Ben Tirran ( a late variety) and Cassimma Black Marble ( NEW to Woodside and probably the largest fruiting blackcurrant of them all)

Redcurrant Jonkheer Van Tets – a strong growing, early cultivar with flavoursome fruits

Gooseberry Hinnonmaki Red and Hinnonmaki Green – both compact varieties suitable for pots or small spaces, and both with excellent mildew resistance

Jostaberry – a very vigorous thornless blackcurrant/ gooseberry hybrid.

Loganberry and Tayberry –  blackberry/ raspberry hybrids

Honeyberry  – Boreal Beauty, Boreal Beast and Boreal Blizzard – members of the edible honeysuckle family these tasty and nutritious fruits are very hardy and easy to grow. They do need a pollination partner though, so plant two different varieties for fruits.

Rhubarb – Traditional and reliable favourites Victoria and Glaskins Perpetual

Raspberries – three NEW potted varieties to choose from. Bundles of traditional raspberry varieties will become available later in the season


A new patio raspberry that is ideal for growing in a pot on your patio – excellent as both a fruit producing producing and ornamental plant thanks to is dwarf habit and golden yellow foliage. A primocane variety which means it produces bountiful crops of large sweet red berries in the first year.

  • Height & Spread: 150cm x 75cm
  • Crops: July onwards

RASPBERRY Bonbonberry® Yummy® 5L

This new compact raspberry variety is exceptionally easy to grow and maintain. It is naturally dwarf, growing to just 50cm tall making it perfect for container planting on the terrace, balcony or patio. Bears bountiful crop of large sweet juicy red berries from July.  The canes are thorn-free, which makes for easy picking.  Yummy is a primocane variety which means that it bears fruit on the same years growth meaning that you’ll get fruit in the very first year!  Easy to maintain, requiring just a little prune to remove old canes once they are older than 18 months.  Plants should be planted in a patio pot 1 plant per 20 litre pot or 3 per 40 litre pot.

  • Eventual height and spread: 50cm.
  • Crops: July.

RASPBERRY Sweet Sunshine 5L
Sweet Sunshine’ is a breeding marvel, an extremely heavy cropping, compact, raspberry with deliciously plump and juicy fruits formed on short, thornless canes from June to August. Suitable for growing in large pots and perfect for small growing spaces and is a primocane variety

  • Eventual height and spread 100cm x 50cm
  • Crops: June to August

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