Bedding Plants Now in Stock

Well, what a difference a couple of weeks has made with the weather! We are now in full bedding plant mode and we’re well stocked up, although they are selling fast!  I’ve checked the weather forecast and there doesn’t seem to be any frosts looming, but obviously do keep checking and cover bedding plants with fleece if required.

So, NEW in this week, we have TRIXIES. These are 3 plants grown as one, and are simply brilliant for hanging baskets and containers. Just plant them as one plant and watch them grow. We have four different Trixie mixes available. Also NEW this week are Argyranthemums (Marguerites). These are big daisy flowering bedding plants with attractive feathery foliage, and we have these in white, pink or pale yellow. Look out too for another batch of Osteospermums and Nemesias, which will flower all summer long if regularly fed with a liquid fertiliser, and dead-headed.

Packs of bedding plants

In our bedding plants pack range, which are all great value at £3.99 each or 4 for £14 (cheaper than last year!) we have Lobelia, Alyssum, Nicotiana, Begonia semps, Petunias, Salvias, Verbenas, Viola, Dianthus, Mesembryanthemum, and Marigolds. We also have bedding Geraniums in packs, although these are a different price and not included in the multibuy offer.

In the garden plant range we have the ever popular Verbena bonariensis. I treat this as an annual in my garden as I hardly ever can get it to over-winter, but we sell it as little plants at just £3.99 at this time of year, so it’s well worth planting fresh each year. Other very popular plants are the thistly Circium, the rich red flowered Astrantia Star of Love, the almost black leaved Cimicifuga actea Atropurpurea, funky looking Farfugium Wavy Gravy, gorgeous Hostas, Liatris Floristan Violet, and Liriope muscari Big Blue.

We’re open 9am – 5 pm every day, and we look forward to seeing you soon. Please remember the best way to get in touch is to phone us on 01835 830315. Emails and social media messages may get missed as we are all “hands-on” serving.