Water Gardening Shop Open

Our aquatics section is now fully open for the summer, with a great range of fresh pond plants. These include marginals, deep water plants, water lilies and potted oxygenators.

We have also had our first delivery of pond fish for the season:
Sarasa Comets
Albino Grass Carp
Long-nosed Sturgeon
Golden Orfe
Blue Orfe
Koi Carp

In addition our Water Gardening Shop is also fully stocked with a good range of pond pumps (including solar powered pumps), self-contained water features, filters, pond liner and underlay, fish food and much more.

The Water Gardening Shop is open every day 9am – 5pm, but if you require specialist advice on ponds please call us on 01835 830315 and ask to make an appointment with Stephen.