Oven Ready Freezer Meals Range Expanded

ready meal fish pie

We are now preparing a larger range of our own oven ready freezer meals. We are still offering our vegetarian range of meals (Mushroom Stroganoff, Puy Lentil Bolognese and Butternut Squash & Chick Pea Tagine) and our best selling Posh Fish Pie, and have now added the following new meals:
Beef Lasagne
Cottage Pie
Fruity Chicken Curry (GF)
Lemon & Ginger Chicken (GF)
Shepherd’s Pie

These can all be cooked in the oven from frozen, or can be defrosted before cooking. Our meals are made from fresh ingredients rather than using pre-prepared sauces, so are packed full of real flavours. Some of you found our previously bought-in meals a bit salty, so making our own meals means that we can reduce these salt levels and enjoy the great taste of the food.


To complete your meal we also have Berry Meringue Roulade (defrost and serve) as well as Toffee Apple Crumble and Salted Caramel Brioche Bread and Butter Pudding – both of which require oven cooking.

All our freezer meals, sweet and savoury, are useful to have in the freezer for those days when you can’t be bothered to cook, or are faced with an empty fridge!


We have replenished our supply of whole frozen pheasant and whole frozen wild mallard which are a useful back-up to have in the freezer. As the shooting season is now drawing to a close these will probably be the last we get until November. However, as soon as we have a bit of freezer space available we will be offering local venison again as this proved to be very popular.


We’ve also freshened up our grocery shelves with some delicious new products which includes: Borderfields rapeseed oil, gluten-free hollandaise, horseradish or dill & mustard sauces, vegan mayonnaise, flavoured vinegars, roasted red peppers, preserved lemons, stuffed vine leaves, beetroot ketchup, avocado and lemon mayo and more…. We also still stock our best selling giant naan breads as well as curry sauces, and of course we can’t forget our wonderful free-range organic eggs from nearby Sandystones Farm.

A regular highlight is the arrival of fresh bread on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We are now getting in Toasted Sunflower and Pumpkin Seed Sourdough as well as Plain Sourdough, and we also have slices of Focaccia delivered fresh each Saturday. Customers are beginning to place regular orders so that they don’t miss out – if you want to order bread on a regular or just on a one-off basis just call on 01835 830315. If you have any special orders for get-togethers or larger family meals just give us a couple of days notice so we can order in for you. The large focaccias topped with chilli peppers and bacon are highly recommended!!

Summer Flowering Bulbs

Example of summer flowering bulbs

Summer flowering bulbs are new in stock for this year. These are an extensive range of bulbs for planting in spring for flowering this summer.

While it’s still too early to plant most of these outdoors just yet, you can still plan ahead and store bulbs in a cool but frost free dry place until you’re ready. Of course if you have a heated greenhouse or conservatory you can get a bit of a head-start and get potting up sooner rather than later.

Our Gladioli varieties are:

Paloma Blanca – pure white with ruffled edges
Seashore – purple with a yellow throat
Sunshine – cheery yellow with an orange flame
Michelle – a short stemmed variety, deep orange with a yellow throat
Pescara – a short stemmed variety with rich ruby red blooms
Atom – a hardy variety, orange-red with a white stripe
Fiona – a hardy variety with white flowers
Nymph – a hardy variety, white with a red lip – very pretty
Vulcano – a hardy variety, pink with paler throat

Our Dahlia varieties are:

Big Hailstone – white
Edinburgh – wine red-purple with white tips – very pretty
Night Queen – deep rich red
Onesta – bright pink waterlily flower
Penny Lane – pale apricot with darker orange stripe
Fire & Ice – white with red stripe
Night Butterfly – striking deep maroon outer petals with paler inner petals
Sun & Ice – yellow and white two-tone flowers
Totally Tangerine – pinkish orange
Bishop of Canterbury – bronze leaf with dark pink flowers
Bishop of Leicester – bronze leaf with sugar pink flowers
Bishop of Llandaff – very popular bronze leaf variety with bright red flowers
Bishop of York – bronze leaf with rich gold flowers

Other Summer Flowering Bulbs now available:

Convallairia majalis rosea – pink Lily of the Valley
Convallaria majalis – white Lily of the Valley
Cyclamen hederifolium – autumn flowering hardy cyclamen
Agapanthus Blue – popular South African lily
Nerine bowdenii – stunning pink summer/autumn lily type flowers
Lily Eyeliner – white with a fine dark purple edge
Lily Forever Linda – yellow/ orange
Lily Lake Carey – pink
Freesia – mixed colours
Galtonia candicans – white
Paeony Sarah Berhardt – soft pink double flowers
Crocosmia Lucifer – flame red flowers

We also have peat-free bulb compost for planting in pots and for improving garden soil.

Onions, shallots and potato sets now in stock

Selection of onion varieties

Onion sets and shallots should be planted as soon as the ground becomes workable in late winter or early spring, and we have plenty of varieties in stock now for you to choose from. You may remember last year that we couldn’t get enough to satisfy demand – hopefully that won’t be a problem this season and there will be enough to go round.

Onion Sets

Centurion – one of the earliest to mature and has excellent yields.
Hercules – a mid-season variety, slow to bolt and excellent to store.
Karmen – a bright red variety with good storages
Pink Panther – a pink French onion suitable for early plantings. High yields and good storage.
Red Baron – a popular red skinned variety with good sharp flavour for salads
Snowball – probably the best white variety with a mild flavour. Excellent for pickling.
Sturon –  a best selling mid-season variety with reliable yields and stores well.
Stuttgarter Giant – another popular variety with golden skin and good yields.

Shallot Sets

Biztro – a slightly spicy flavour
Golden Gourmet – our best selling variety with a mild flavour
Mehnir – a French banana shallot with a copper skin and mild, sweet flavour
Mikor – a red French variety with a sweet flavour perfect for cooking
Red Sun – a mild red shallot
Yellow Moon – excellent disease resistance

Potato Sets

The annual Potato Day at Springwood Park in Kelso has once again fallen victim to the Covid pandemic and will not go ahead this year. We are hoping to organize some sort of alternative outdoor event at Woodside if we can.
In the meantime we have secured a range of “Taster Packs” of some unusual potato varieties for you to try. These are available just now, but it is still to early to plant outside, so store in a cool, frost-free dry place until you’re ready to start chitting and planting.

Our current potato varieties are:
Carlingford – a second early suitable for containers. Very reliable and resistant to scab
Caledonian Rose – a red skinned variety with yellow flesh and good eelworm resistance. A reliable maincrop variety
Blue Danube – this is bred by the Savari Research Trust which produces varieties with natural disease to blight and viruses. This is a high yielding maincrop variety with blue skin and white flesh
Sarpo Una – another Savari variety with excellent blight resistance. This is a reliable second early variety for salad potatoes or leave to mature for baking potatoes
Alouette – a blight resistant main crop variety with a red skin. Award winning variety for it’s flavour
Harry – a second early with white oval tubers and yellow flesh. Good for roasting, mashing and baking
Heidi Red – a maincrop variety with long tubers with red skin and flesh. Good for salads
Lucerna – a second early with high yields and excellent flavour. Considered one of the best for baby new potatoes
Mayan Rose – a maincrop variety with a red skin and yellow blotches.
Salad Blue – a vigorous maincrop potato with distinctive blue flesh with floury texture. Good all-rounder
Our “Taster Packs” are £2.49 each for a pack of 10 tubers.

Other Vegetables available now:

Globe Artichokes
Jerusalem Artichoke Fuseau
Asparagus Pacific Purple
Rhubarb Red Champagne
Rhubarb Valentine

Winter Warmer Lunches

chocolate pudding - winter warmer

From this weekend we are starting a series of two-course winter warmer lunches featuring lovely traditional comfort food. These are available by pre-booking only and are served at 1pm on Saturdays and Sundays throughout January and into the beginning of February. Why not go for a good walk first, then come to Woodside for 1pm for your lunch? You could also meet up with friends (a maximum of 3 households indoors under current Covid rules) and on a nice day you could even choose to sit outdoors.

The price is £15 which includes a cup of tea or coffee and the menu options for various dates are below:

January 8th & 9th – Three-cheese Macaroni Cheese (V) & Syrup Sponge Pudding & Custard
January 15th & 16th – Pheasant & Shallot Casserole with Dumplings, & Bread & Butter Pudding
January 22nd & 23rd – Chilli con Carne with Rice, & Sticky Toffee Pudding
January 29th & 30th – Chick Pea and Sweet Potato Curry (V) with Naan Bread, & Toffee Apple Crumble
February 5th & 6th – Sausage-meat Stovies, & Chocolate Sponge Pudding

Please book by phoning 01835 830315

Sticky Toffee Pudding

There is a bit of a story around our Sticky Toffee Pudding (served on 22nd & 23rd January). For as long as I’ve known Stephen – about 30 years – he’s been going on and on about the best sticky toffee pudding in the world that he used to get when he worked as an apprentice gardener at the Sharrow Bay Hotel on Ullswater in the Lake District. None has ever matched this in all the years we’ve been eating out together and it’s become a bit of a long standing joke between us. However this year I surprised him at New Year by finding the original Sharrow Bay Hotel recipe and baking it for all the family. Now I’m no baker, but I have to say it was a triumph, and it has Stephen’s seal of approval as being the “real thing”, so I’m delighted to have scribbled the recipe down and brought it to Woodside for our kitchen staff here to make. Look out for it being featured fairly regularly on our forthcoming menus as it it absolutely gorgeous. I hate to say it, but Stephen – you were right!

Christmas Trees for sale and Christmas Events at Woodside

Christmas wreath making workshop Scottish Borders

Our first Late Night Shopping Evening took place this week, with many customers enjoying browsing in our shop and selecting their Christmas Tree from our new floodlit  shopping area. We have two more dates for Late Night Shopping :
Thursday 2nd December 4pm – 6pm
Thursday 9th December 4pm – 6pm.
No need to book, just turn up on the night and take your time to chat with us and enjoy a leisurely browse.

If you hand over a full loyalty card on any of these Late Night Shopping Evenings you can enjoy a free mulled punch (non-alcoholic version also available) and a complimentary homemade mince pie. 

Christmas Afternoon Tea

We are also hosting  Christmas Afternoon Teas with dates to coincide with our shopping evenings so that you can come into the shop and browse after your afternoon tea.  To book please call on 01835 830315 The cost is £12.50 per person for:
Homemade turkey, cranberry and chestnut sausage roll, smoked salmon sandwich, homemade spiced apple, cranberry and orange scone, slice of Homemade Christmas cake, Millionaires shortbread and a homemade lemon tart with tea or coffee (or a cold drink).

We have a vegetarian option too, so please let us know when you book if you would like this and if you have any food intolerances or allergies.

Christmas Trees for sale

Our Cut Nordmann Christmas Trees have arrived this week. We have sizes available from 4ft to 8ft, and hope to get a couple of 9-10ft trees in by Thursday this week. Demand is expected to be high again this year, following a record breaking season last Christmas for us, so don’t leave it too late to get your tree. Don’t forget that you can buy now and collect nearer Christmas. We also have a range of different sizes of Christmas Tree stands, so stop all that messy fiddling about with bricks and buckets, and wonky trees!
We also have a range of potted Christmas trees that can be planted out or potted on after Christmas.

We’ve had two new deliveries of statues and garden ornaments over the last couple of weeks, with quite a few new items now in stock. Look out for new birdbaths, cast iron “Musical Mice”, Greenman Wall Plaques (we had these in stock briefly in the summer before they all sold out!), dogs, cats, hedgehogs, otters, hares and more……

Christmas for your dog

Talking of dogs, we’ve had a top-up order of our popular dog treats from Green and Wilds, and have now extended our vegan range of treats. We also now have Santa Sacks for dogs, so that your best friend has a happy Christmas too.

Much more in store

A pretty range of aluminium painted robins arrived today, which are suitable for indoors or outdoors, and we have our little stone sparrows also back in stock.

Groceries have taken a seasonal turn, and we now have available an attractive range of chocolatey and nutty food items, as well as curry sauces and naan breads. Winter treats include packs of dates, dark chocolate covered ginger, English Russet and Bramley apples, our own home-grown Jerusalem artichokes, parsnips, beetroot and clementines. Our grocery shop is open every day 10am – 4pm and will also be open late until 6pm on the next three Thursday evenings. Don’t forget we have freshly baked sourdough bread available every Wednesday and Saturday. These keep well, and freeze well too, so get stocked up for Christmas.

I’ve also started making wreaths today for doors and for graves, and I’ll do my best to keep up with demand! To be sure you get yours you can order now for collection nearer Christmas – just phone on 01835 830315 to let us know your requirements.

There are new items arriving every day, and although our shop is small, it’s absolutely jam-packed with gifts, decorations, birdfood and so much more, so do take the time to come along and have a look…….

Christmas Shop at Woodside

Christmas shop at Woodside

The Christmas Shop at Woodside  is open, with by far our best seasonal display in our plant centre shop. If you’re ready to start thinking about Christmas, then Woodside is the place to visit.

We have a good range of Christmas decorations and gifts ready now, and plenty more iare arriving each week. We’ve got really unusual items (such as the quirky “Debon-haire” pictured above) suitable for creating your own festive display, or for giving as presents.  You can get a taste of some of our display in the pictures below, but there are lots more to see in the shop, including a stunning range of dried fruit kits for making your own decorations, children’s stocking filler toys, luxury boxed food gifts, tealight holders and more.

We are also pleased to be stocking a new range of pop-out advent calendars, cards, stickers and gift wrap from a company called Roger La Borde. These designs are simply stunning and are wasted on children!! They also have the advantage of being flat and lightweight for posting.

Potted Christmas Trees

Our potted Christmas trees will be arriving soon, and we’ll be taking orders for these from the 23rd October. These are all living pot grown trees suitable for planting out or potting up into larger pots after Christmas, and are a sustainable and eco-friendly option. It’s only 6 weeks until our cut trees arrive – I can’t believe I’m saying this – and we can also take orders for these. As usual we’ll be making our own real foliage Christmas wreaths this year, although we won’t be running a wreath making class this year for various reasons. We plan to re-introduce this popular workshop next year.

The "Debon haire"

The quirky “Debon haire”

Roger la Borde Christmas sticker labels

Roger la Borde Christmas sticker labels

Roger la Borde Pop & Slot advent calendar

Roger la Borde Pop & Slot advent calendar

straw effect reindeer

straw effect reindeer

Resin fairy on mouse

Resin fairy on mouse

New Plants in Stock

A new delivery of autumn & winter bedding plants has just arrived, including pansies, violas, bellis, wallflowers, primroses and polyanthus. We’ve also got a fresh batch of mini cyclamen, perfect for a cool spot indoors or a sheltered outdoor position, as well as larger flowering midi cyclamen for indoors. We’ve had a new batch of Pieris, Christmas Roses and the stunning white Japanese Anemone Honorine Jobert in this week and our Amarylis bulbs have also just come in.

Spring Bulbs and Winter Bedding Plants

Hand chair for your garden

The autumn season is now in full swing and we have had more spring bulbs delivered to add to our existing range of alliums, daffodils, crocus, iris reticulata and tulips.  These are all suitable for planting now for gorgeous flowers next year.

New arrivals this week include:
Leucojum Gravetye Giant – Summer Snowflakes. These are giant snowdrop like flowers that come out in late spring/early summer.
Lilium candidum – the stunning Madonna Lily
Indoor Hyacinths – these have been specially prepared to flower early (hopefully for Christmas) and come in a variety of colours. We sell these as loose bulbs, so if you only want to try one, that’s fine!
Indoor Paperwhite Narcissus – several varieties to choose from, and again these are sold loose so you can have as many or as few as you like. Very fragrant.
Cyclamen cilicium – this is a hardy outdoor variety for autumn flowering
Erythronium Pagoda and dens-canis. Dog’s Tooth Violets. Pagoda is a large yellow form and a great alternative to daffodils in a shady spot. Dens-canis is our native wild flower with dainty mauve flowers.
Iris hollandica Red Ember – a very striking flower in shades of burnt orange and plum purple. Most unusual.
Galanthus Flore Pleno – the double flowered form of our much loved snowdrop.

Autumn and Winter Bedding

Now is the time to take out all your summer bedding plants, as they begin to look tired and the flowers are fading. But it doesn’t mean you can’t have colour in the garden until next spring. We have a great selection of  autumn and winter bedding plants suitable for planting just now which will flower over the coming months.

Choose from:
Pansies and Violas – these are flowering now and will continue all winter and into spring, just having a rest in the very coldest of weather.
Wallflowers – these should be planted now for a showy and fragrant display next spring
Bellis – double daisy flowers will start to appear this autumn, but their main season is early spring
Sweet Williams – these old fashioned favourites make a lovely spring display of cottage garden type bedding
Primroses and polyanthus – these are mainly spring flowering, but a few flowers tend to appear in the autumn.

All these plants are sold in packs of 6 at £3.99 per pack, or 4 packs for £15.

Garden Ornaments

Its not just plants that can add interest to your garden in winter. We now have a range of larger garden ornaments in stock which can make a real statement in the garden. Come and have a browse, because you really need to see them to get the idea of scale.

Autumn Trees in Stock

garden ornaments at Woodside

We have nearly 200 autumn trees in stock following the large delivery that arrived last week. If you have already placed an order with us then you should expect a phone call soon to say your trees have arrived. If you haven’t already pre-ordered then don’t worry – there are plenty to go around! Highlights include a lovely range of Crab Apples (Malus) many of which are bearing brightly coloured fruits just now, a very pretty and unusual weeping variegated cherry called Prunus Frilly Frock, a good selection of Rowans (Sorbus) a weeping Mulberry, plenty of Victoria Plum trees, both on semi-dwarf and semi-vigorous rootstocks, and many more ornamental and fruit trees.. Don’t forget to plant with Bonemeal and Rootgrow for the very best possible start.

Bedding Plants

We are really well stocked with bedding plants just now as we have just had a fresh delivery in. The choice includes pansies, wallflowers, primroses, bellis, Sweet Williams and polyanthus. Summer bedding schemes in gardens are now beginning to look quite tired after the long warm summer, so this weekend should be a good time to haul the old plants out and plant with fresh plants, which will see you through right until next summer. For an even better Spring display, why not underplant with bulbs.


We now have just about all our bulbs in stock, and we have our biggest choice yet, including a fabulous Allium collection (look out for varieties Hair and Red Mohican – you’ve probably never seen alliums like these before!) and some of the giant border Fritillarias, known as Crown Imperials. We’ve also a great choice of Tulips, Daffodils, Dwarf Iris, Species Crocus, miniature Narcissus and lots more. We’ve also got bulb kits inside the shop for Christmas or winter gifts. Fill containers with Dalefoot Bulb Compost for the best results.

Autumn Gardening Essentials

We now have quite a bit more space for stock, due to our lovely new canopy that went up this year, and this means we can offer you more useful products than ever before. NEW in just now are:
Wheelbarrows – in trendy pink or traditional green
Besoms – traditional brooms perfect for sweeping autumn leaves
Leaf Scoops – like a pair of extra large hands to scoop up your piles of leaves
Bulb Planters – these remove a handy plug of earth to help make bulb planting that bit easier
One-handed shears – several of you have been asking for these handy tools, and so we now have them in stock
Herb Scissors – while not exactly seasonal, these amazing scissors are multi-bladed and will cut up your herbs into little pieces with very little effort. Maybe a good Christmas present idea?
Mushroom Kits – perfect for your own use or to give as a present.

Autumn Tree Planting

Frank P Matthews tree nursery aerial shot

With darker evenings  and farmers busy harvesting, our thoughts are turning to autumn tree planting.  Autumn is fast approaching, it is my favourite time of year and a busy one for gardeners.

The late summer and autumn are the perfect seasons for getting trees established. Here at Woodside we bring on some of our own trees from British sourced stock and also work in partnership with Frank P Matthews tree nursery – a multi-award winning nursery which supplies top quality container grown trees to many UK planting projects. As you can see from the photo, this is a huge operation consisting of propagation greenhouses and polytunnels, nursery beds and fields and fields of trees. The lake you can see to the left of the photograph is their reservoir for all that watering.

Autumn Tree Planting Tips

We are now taking advance orders for autumn trees and if you click HERE you will open our list of container grown fruit and ornamental trees that are available this autumn. I’ve indicated rootstocks when appropriate for fruit trees, and pot sizes for the ornamentals, as well as the price. Some of the items are available just now, and the rest will be due in late August/September. If you would like to order a tree from the list please call 01835 830315 and have your card handy to make a payment.  Alternatively email me emma@woodsidegarden.co.uk with your order and leave your phone number so we can call you back for payment. We’ll then phone as soon as the trees are available for you to collect, or we can arrange delivery.

Don’t forget to:

  • stake and tie to secure your trees against wind damage
  • feed trees with bonemeal
  • help the roots establish with Rootgrow
  • use planting compost for sites with poor soils
  • use tree guards if you are plagued by rabbits and hares.

Autumn and Winter Bedding

Autumn and winter bedding plants will be arriving at Woodside soon, along with our biggest range of bulbs yet – lsign up to our newsletter to receive the latest updates.

Self Contained Water Features in Stock

Amalfi self contained water features

New this week (w/c 8th August) are some lovely self-contained water features.

We’ve had quite a few requests for self contained water features this summer after launching our new aquatics department.  We are delighted to be able to bring you a range of water features that are easy to set up, with no mess and no difficult self-assembly. Two of the features are solar powered, so you don’t even need a handy electrical socket for them.

Here is a selection but you’re best to come and visit to get a better idea of size and quality. They all come fully boxed, with easy to follow instructions and would make an ideal feature for gardens, patios and sunrooms.

Amalfi self contained water features

Amalfi Water Feature

Chatsworth Solar water feature

Chatsworth Solar Water Feature

Cascade Solar Water Feature

Cascade Solar water feaure

Gorgeous new plants

We had a day off on the 11th and had a busman’s holiday visiting a wholesale nursery and filling the van with gorgeous plants to bring back to Woodside! There are some real beauties for you this week including:

  • Agastache Crazy Fortune – a beautiful variegated form
  • Agastache Mango Tango – unusual tangerine flowers with a hint of blue
  • Evergreen dwarf Azaleas in pink, orange and white, and a lovely variegated one too
  • A collection of Euphorbias – Ascot Rainbow, Ascot Moonbeam, Black Pearl, Silver Edge and Purpurea
  • Some gorgeous Heucheras – probably the best we’ve had so far this year Can Can (purple leaves) Kassandra (warm amber leaves) and Venus (greeny bronze leaves)
  • Malus Candy Mint – a disease resistant pink flowered Crab Apple
  • Prunus Weeping Yoshino – a gorgeous weeping cherry with pinky-white flowers in spring. This is one of the best shaped weeping cherries I have come across, and we have just 2 available.

There are very small numbers of some of these plants in stock and they are likely to sell fast. To avoid disappointment please give us a call on 01835 830315 to check what we have in stock and to make a reservation.