Plants Galore

selection of herbs

Last week we had a record-breaking week in terms of the numbers of plant deliveries, so we were delighted to have a busy May bank holiday weekend.

Those 23 transporting trolleys plus more deliveries expected this week means that we still have plants galore in stock.

Look out for:

  • Grow your own vegetable packs
  • Individual veg in 9cm pots
  • tomato plants
  • climbers
  • hardy geraniums
  • hostas
  • ornamental grasses
  • water lilies
  • herbs
  • rhodedendrons/azaleas

Bedding Plants

Our first bedding plants are also now available – but please beware of late frosts. The popular “colour shades” carry packs are already here. Once our new polytunnel is finished we will have a lot more in stock.

Time to Grow Your Own Vegetables

vegetable plants

Late April is the perfect time to grow your own vegetables, with the soil having warmed a bit and the sun coming out. The plant centre here at Woodside is full of everything to start your vegetable patch off, no matter how big it is.

We have a really good supply of the following currently available:

  • baby vegetable plants for you to grow on (including leeks)
  • tomato plants
  • strawberry plants
  • herbs
  • seed potatoes.


There’s something to suit all gardener’s requirements in our newly covered compost area. We think we may have the biggest range of composts, barks and soils in the area, including the popular Jack’s Magic Multi-purpose compost. We have a range of award winning peat free compost from Dalefoot Compost and more peat free compost from New Horizons  and Westland.  Also in stock is the traditional John Innes range of soil based composts and peat based multi-purpose compost.

Fertilisers, and other garden treatments

We have extended the shelf space allocated to garden feeds, including vegetable feed. We have our best ever range of weedkillers, insecticides and fungicides, including many organic options. Just let us know what you are looking for, and we’ll probably have it!

Garden Furniture

Once you have done all that gardening you deserve to sit down in the sun and enjoy it. We have some beautiful “zero maintenance” garden benches available just now in a choice of 4 colours.  New stock of wooden garden furniture is due in anytime now.

If you’ve not visited Woodside in the last few weeks, you’ll notice a big difference to our facilities and in the amount of stock we have available. I think you might be surprised on how much we have done in the way of improvements (which are still on-going), so do come and visit.

Enjoy the sun and get into your garden to grow your own vegetables for you to enjoy throughout the summer.

Aquatics Department Open for Summer 2022

Our aquatics Department

We launched our Aquatics Department for the 2022 season over the first weekend in April. New this year is a range of lovely indoor water features, and these can all be found in our new purpose-built aquatics shop.  We are well stocked with pond plants, cold water fish, pumps, filters, pond liner, fish food, pond treatments and water features.

We have a good range of marginal pond plants and water-lilies, as well as moisture loving plants for bog plants. A few oxygenators are available too, although it is still very early in the season for these and more will be available in due course. Our new season range of coldwater pond fish is also now ready with some gorgeous fish including Goldfish, Koi and new this year are some stunning Diamond Sturgeon.

It’s still very early in the season and more exciting stock will be coming in over the coming weeks, including a good selection of oxygenating plants.

Also Available in early April:

* A new selection of “wind rockers” – charming garden ornaments that “see-saw” in the wind
* Herbaceous plant supports for perennials such as Paeonies, Delphiniums and Lupins
* Attractive wall brackets, suitable for hanging baskets and bird feeders
* Ornamental garden panels, in a “ready to rust” finish
* Garden obelisks for climbing plants
* Beautiful indoor “ladies faces” planters
* New display of Artwork in the Tearoom by Wendy Patterson
….and more.
Check our Facebook page for images of some of our new items by clicking HERE

We also have a great range of plants in stock just now – Ceanothus and Buddleias have arrived today, and we have a good selection of Heucheras, Herbaceous Perennials, Rhododendrons, Fruit Trees, Spring Pansies and Violas, Seed Potatoes, Onion Sets, Dahlia Tubers, and much more.

Our new compost area is almost complete and is now partially open and we have also had another delivery of used large black plastic tubs for £5 each, suitable for growing potatoes, veg and large plants. This will probably be the last batch of these – so don’t miss out.

Wildflower plants in stock

wild flower - ox-eye daisies

It was a huge challenge to source wildflower plants during 2020 and 2021 as nurseries ceased propagation due to the “work from home” instructions of the lockdowns. We are delighted that production is  now back to something resembling normality and we are able to offer a good range of wild flowers for planting out now.

Our current selection of wildflower plants:

Wild Carrot (Daucus carota)
Cornflower (Centuarea cyanus)
Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea)
Lady’s Bedstraw (Galium verum)
Herb Robert (Geranium robertianum)
Water Avens (Geum rivale)
Ox-eye Daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare)
Forget-Me-Not (Myosotis arvensis)
Jacob’s ladder (Polemonium caeruleum)
Oxlip (Primula elatior)
Cowslip (Primula veris)
Selfheal (Prunella vulgaris)
Small Scabious (Scabiosa columbaria)
Red campion (Silene dioica)
White Campion (Silene latifolia)
Betony (Stachys offininalis)
These are all £2.99 each, or any 4 wildflowers for £10.

Wildflower seeds

In addition we stock a good range of wild flower seeds of individual species, as well as some wildflower mixes. Get going with one of our windowsill propagators to get seeds off to a good start. Use John Innes specialist seed compost, or the Dalefoot Seed Compost (which is peat free) for all your seed sowing.

For sowing “in-situ” we stock the Empathy Mini Meadow Mixes, which have a wide variety of British native flowers, all collected from British seed stock, and these have the added benefit of having mycorrhizal fungus (Rootgrow) added to the seed mix for good establishment.

Now is a good time for sowing many varieties of seeds, and is also a good time for planting, as the soil is warming up and the daylight hours are getting longer. We have a good range of propagators, seed trays, garden sieves, seed cells, Rootrainers, and everything else you need to get your seed sowing off to a good start.

Look Forward to Spring

Spring plants for sale at Woodside Garden

Many people see the first of March as  the start of spring and it certainly feels like that here at Woodside, with the sun out, the birds singing and lots of new stock arriving.


We have had deliveries of fresh plants in, so we now have a good range of shrubs, including:Forsythia Lynwood & Weekend
Hypericum Hidcote
Cistus Sunset, corbariensis, Sunset and purpureus
Mahonia Winter Sun,
Hebe Baby marie, Pagei & buxifolia nana
Physocarpus Diablo
Potentillas (bush varieties)
Osmanthus burkwoodii & delaveyi
Genista Porlock
Viburnam Eve Price & davidii
Syringa (Lilac)
….and much more

Herbaceous Plants

Herbaceous plants are beginning to start to emerge from their winter dormancy, and highlights this week are Pulmonarias, Hellebores and Epimediums.

Our popular range of rockery plants is back at £4.99 each or 3 for £15, and there is plenty in flower and looking good just now. Look our for Saxifrage, Thrift, Arabis, Sedums, hardy Violas and Aubretia.

Propagation Corner

Our shop is fully stocked with a full range of seeds, grass seed, garden tools, string, fertilisers, garden treatments and wild bird food. Our “Propagation Corner” is filling up with seed trays, Rootrainers, compost disks (known to old-school gardeners as Jiffy 7’s), grow tunnels, and tunnel hoops. NEW this year are electric propagators to get you off to an early start this spring – we have two designs which are both suitable for sitting on a windowsill, and are sensibly priced at £34.99 and £44.99.

Buckets of pelleted Chicken Manure are also now available – £13.99 for 10kg or 2 buckets for £25. This is a great fertiliser for all round use in the garden, and is recommended for feeding bamboos, box plants and the vegetable plot.

Our Dalefoot Wool Compost is now here, and we offer their full range (apart from the Wool Ericaceous Compost which has been hit by production problems). These composts offer a very good alternative to conventional peat-based compost, and are made without any peat, using natural waste products from the Cumbian sheep farming industry.

Bird Tables

New in stock is a range of attractive birdtables. We have been getting asked for these, so now we have them! Choose from slate roofed styles or a timber roof. Don’t forget stabilising pegs to secure them into the ground and prevent toppling in the strong winds.

Also another NEW item this year is a Colander Trug. This is a very cleverly designed plastic trug with drainage holes at one end, so you can put your dirty veg in straight from the ground, and then rise off and drain the water away. We saw these at a trade show last year, and being a keen vegetable grower myself I thought they looked handy.

More for your Vegetable Garden

potatoes for the vegetable garden

The weather continues to be discouraging for the vegetable garden, but to give you something to look forward here’s a taster of what we have in stock just now ready for spring:

Seed Potatoes
An increased range of varieties are ready now, for chitting and planting out in March/April

First Earlies – Caledonian Pearl, Epicure, Pentland Javelin, Rocket, Duke of York, Sharpes Express, Organic Colleen
Second Earlies – Carlingford, Charlotte, Estima, Harry, Maris Peer, Nadine, Nicola, Sarpo Una, Lucera, Wilja
Main Crop – Caledonian Rose, Cara, King Edward, Pink Fir Apple, Organic Sarpo Mira, Salad Blue, Mayan Rose, Blue Danube, Allouette
By my reckoning that makes 27 different varieties to choose from!!

Onions and Shallots
We have the following varieties:
Onions – Stuttgarter Giant, Centurion, Hercules, Snowball, Sturon, Red Panther, Red Baron, Karmen
Shallots – Biztro, Golden Gourmet, Mikor, Red Sun, Yellow Moon, Mehnir
These are all suitable for planting outside now. Read our guide to planting onions here.

Vegetable Garden pre-packs
Now is a good time to plant all sorts of vegetable tubers and roots, and we have the following available now:
Rhubarb Red Champagne and Rhubarb Valentine
Jerusalem Artichoke
Globe Artichoke
Asparagus Pacific Purple

Vegetable and Green Manure Seeds
We now have a full range of vegetable seeds and green manure seeds for sowing either in seed trays, or directly into the ground, depending on the variety. Our range includes;
10 different varieties of Green manure, plus 2 mixes, – Alfalfa, Buckwheat, Crimson Clover, Field Beans, Grazing Rye, Phacelia (highly recommended for bees) Mustard, Winter Tares, Trefoil, and White Clover.
A great range of vegetable seeds, including Aubergines, 6 different varieties of beetroot, Leaf beet (Chard), Brocolli, Brussels Sprouts, 14 different varieties of Cabbage, 11 different varieties of Carrots, Cauliflower, Courgettes, Cucumbers, Kale, 12 different varieties of Lettuce, Onions (including Spring Onions), Parsnips, 11 different varieties of Peppers, Radish, Salad Leaf, 22 varieties of Tomato, French Beans, Runner Beans, Broad Beans, and Peas.
Hopefully there is something to tempt you there!

Compost and Gardening Accessories
It’s been a very hectic lately with boxes and boxes of deliveries coming in, we now have our full range of fertilisers and garden treatments now in stock. We are pleased to be stocking a wider range of “Grazers” products this year, which are an organic, harmless option to help reduce damage to plants caused by deer, pigeons, rabbits, slugs and snails, and caterpillars. We also have a new range of Growing Success “Safer Gardening” organic products to help solve garden pest and disease problems – Fungus Stop, Bug Stop and Rose Guard. Our range of slug and snail controls are all organic.

We have a full range of weedkillers, including glyphosate free options, and well as a new range of lawn care products, including grass seed, lawn weed-killer and feed, weed and mosskillers.
Most of our compost is now in stock (please bear with us while we build our replacement compost area) with the full Dalefoot range of Wool Compost arriving. Unfortunately they are unable to produce any Ericaceous compost again this year, but we do have the Westland Ericaceous Peat based version available.

Add the ‘Wow’ Factor to your Garden

Bulldog garden ornament

We’ve just returned from a trip to Europe’s biggest antiques fair at Newark where we were  rubbing shoulders with the film crew of BBC’s Bargain Hunt.

We managed to source some vintage and unusual items for you to buy from our garden centre. Our very own “Star Buy” is undoubtedly the carved kingfisher perched on a log which we bought off the very first stall we came to. This probably dates from the 1950’s and could well be a one-off carving for a commission. It is much bigger than it looks from the photo, standing 3ft tall, so would make a real “wow” factor statement in the garden.

Vintage Items

Other purchases we made include a rare French greenhouse watering can, vintage Chinese rice/well buckets and an unusual French grain measuring bucket. The buckets could all be used for various purposes; such as holding magazines or kindling, for standing a pot plant in or just as a decorative item for the house.

For the garden we picked up a beautiful pair of vintage roosters, standing over 2 ft tall, a very disgruntled looking vintage bulldog and a small cast iron pump.  An old Indian laundry trough we sourced would be great as a water feature or small pond. The pair of vintage French bistro chairs, and two wall sconces in the form of an oriental looking ladies face are also lovely. Look out too for vintage tattie baskets and plant labels.

Modern and Stunning

We also picked up some other items that are modern, but gorgeous, such as a stunning copper bowl with an aged verdigris finish which Stephen is already imagining as a cascading water feature, and a beautiful finial roof tile with a decorative hawk, which could be mounted in the garden as a feature.

I’ve taken some photos on my mobile (below) but do come in and see them for real, as my photography skills and phone are both limited in their abilities!
Hopefully you can come in and see them, just ask and I’ll show you around our latest purchases.

carved kingfisher bucket vintage bucket
sconces water trough and pump

Summer Flowering Bulbs

Example of summer flowering bulbs

Summer flowering bulbs are new in stock for this year. These are an extensive range of bulbs for planting in spring for flowering this summer.

While it’s still too early to plant most of these outdoors just yet, you can still plan ahead and store bulbs in a cool but frost free dry place until you’re ready. Of course if you have a heated greenhouse or conservatory you can get a bit of a head-start and get potting up sooner rather than later.

Our Gladioli varieties are:

Paloma Blanca – pure white with ruffled edges
Seashore – purple with a yellow throat
Sunshine – cheery yellow with an orange flame
Michelle – a short stemmed variety, deep orange with a yellow throat
Pescara – a short stemmed variety with rich ruby red blooms
Atom – a hardy variety, orange-red with a white stripe
Fiona – a hardy variety with white flowers
Nymph – a hardy variety, white with a red lip – very pretty
Vulcano – a hardy variety, pink with paler throat

Our Dahlia varieties are:

Big Hailstone – white
Edinburgh – wine red-purple with white tips – very pretty
Night Queen – deep rich red
Onesta – bright pink waterlily flower
Penny Lane – pale apricot with darker orange stripe
Fire & Ice – white with red stripe
Night Butterfly – striking deep maroon outer petals with paler inner petals
Sun & Ice – yellow and white two-tone flowers
Totally Tangerine – pinkish orange
Bishop of Canterbury – bronze leaf with dark pink flowers
Bishop of Leicester – bronze leaf with sugar pink flowers
Bishop of Llandaff – very popular bronze leaf variety with bright red flowers
Bishop of York – bronze leaf with rich gold flowers

Other Summer Flowering Bulbs now available:

Convallairia majalis rosea – pink Lily of the Valley
Convallaria majalis – white Lily of the Valley
Cyclamen hederifolium – autumn flowering hardy cyclamen
Agapanthus Blue – popular South African lily
Nerine bowdenii – stunning pink summer/autumn lily type flowers
Lily Eyeliner – white with a fine dark purple edge
Lily Forever Linda – yellow/ orange
Lily Lake Carey – pink
Freesia – mixed colours
Galtonia candicans – white
Paeony Sarah Berhardt – soft pink double flowers
Crocosmia Lucifer – flame red flowers

We also have peat-free bulb compost for planting in pots and for improving garden soil.

Onions, shallots and potato sets now in stock

Selection of onion varieties

Onion sets and shallots should be planted as soon as the ground becomes workable in late winter or early spring, and we have plenty of varieties in stock now for you to choose from. You may remember last year that we couldn’t get enough to satisfy demand – hopefully that won’t be a problem this season and there will be enough to go round.

Onion Sets

Centurion – one of the earliest to mature and has excellent yields.
Hercules – a mid-season variety, slow to bolt and excellent to store.
Karmen – a bright red variety with good storages
Pink Panther – a pink French onion suitable for early plantings. High yields and good storage.
Red Baron – a popular red skinned variety with good sharp flavour for salads
Snowball – probably the best white variety with a mild flavour. Excellent for pickling.
Sturon –  a best selling mid-season variety with reliable yields and stores well.
Stuttgarter Giant – another popular variety with golden skin and good yields.

Shallot Sets

Biztro – a slightly spicy flavour
Golden Gourmet – our best selling variety with a mild flavour
Mehnir – a French banana shallot with a copper skin and mild, sweet flavour
Mikor – a red French variety with a sweet flavour perfect for cooking
Red Sun – a mild red shallot
Yellow Moon – excellent disease resistance

Potato Sets

The annual Potato Day at Springwood Park in Kelso has once again fallen victim to the Covid pandemic and will not go ahead this year. We are hoping to organize some sort of alternative outdoor event at Woodside if we can.
In the meantime we have secured a range of “Taster Packs” of some unusual potato varieties for you to try. These are available just now, but it is still to early to plant outside, so store in a cool, frost-free dry place until you’re ready to start chitting and planting.

Our current potato varieties are:
Carlingford – a second early suitable for containers. Very reliable and resistant to scab
Caledonian Rose – a red skinned variety with yellow flesh and good eelworm resistance. A reliable maincrop variety
Blue Danube – this is bred by the Savari Research Trust which produces varieties with natural disease to blight and viruses. This is a high yielding maincrop variety with blue skin and white flesh
Sarpo Una – another Savari variety with excellent blight resistance. This is a reliable second early variety for salad potatoes or leave to mature for baking potatoes
Alouette – a blight resistant main crop variety with a red skin. Award winning variety for it’s flavour
Harry – a second early with white oval tubers and yellow flesh. Good for roasting, mashing and baking
Heidi Red – a maincrop variety with long tubers with red skin and flesh. Good for salads
Lucerna – a second early with high yields and excellent flavour. Considered one of the best for baby new potatoes
Mayan Rose – a maincrop variety with a red skin and yellow blotches.
Salad Blue – a vigorous maincrop potato with distinctive blue flesh with floury texture. Good all-rounder
Our “Taster Packs” are £2.49 each for a pack of 10 tubers.

Other Vegetables available now:

Globe Artichokes
Jerusalem Artichoke Fuseau
Asparagus Pacific Purple
Rhubarb Red Champagne
Rhubarb Valentine

Spring Bulbs and Winter Bedding Plants

Hand chair for your garden

The autumn season is now in full swing and we have had more spring bulbs delivered to add to our existing range of alliums, daffodils, crocus, iris reticulata and tulips.  These are all suitable for planting now for gorgeous flowers next year.

New arrivals this week include:
Leucojum Gravetye Giant – Summer Snowflakes. These are giant snowdrop like flowers that come out in late spring/early summer.
Lilium candidum – the stunning Madonna Lily
Indoor Hyacinths – these have been specially prepared to flower early (hopefully for Christmas) and come in a variety of colours. We sell these as loose bulbs, so if you only want to try one, that’s fine!
Indoor Paperwhite Narcissus – several varieties to choose from, and again these are sold loose so you can have as many or as few as you like. Very fragrant.
Cyclamen cilicium – this is a hardy outdoor variety for autumn flowering
Erythronium Pagoda and dens-canis. Dog’s Tooth Violets. Pagoda is a large yellow form and a great alternative to daffodils in a shady spot. Dens-canis is our native wild flower with dainty mauve flowers.
Iris hollandica Red Ember – a very striking flower in shades of burnt orange and plum purple. Most unusual.
Galanthus Flore Pleno – the double flowered form of our much loved snowdrop.

Autumn and Winter Bedding

Now is the time to take out all your summer bedding plants, as they begin to look tired and the flowers are fading. But it doesn’t mean you can’t have colour in the garden until next spring. We have a great selection of  autumn and winter bedding plants suitable for planting just now which will flower over the coming months.

Choose from:
Pansies and Violas – these are flowering now and will continue all winter and into spring, just having a rest in the very coldest of weather.
Wallflowers – these should be planted now for a showy and fragrant display next spring
Bellis – double daisy flowers will start to appear this autumn, but their main season is early spring
Sweet Williams – these old fashioned favourites make a lovely spring display of cottage garden type bedding
Primroses and polyanthus – these are mainly spring flowering, but a few flowers tend to appear in the autumn.

All these plants are sold in packs of 6 at £3.99 per pack, or 4 packs for £15.

Garden Ornaments

Its not just plants that can add interest to your garden in winter. We now have a range of larger garden ornaments in stock which can make a real statement in the garden. Come and have a browse, because you really need to see them to get the idea of scale.