Spring Bulbs and Winter Bedding Plants

Hand chair for your garden

The autumn season is now in full swing and we have had more spring bulbs delivered to add to our existing range of alliums, daffodils, crocus, iris reticulata and tulips.  These are all suitable for planting now for gorgeous flowers next year.

New arrivals this week include:
Leucojum Gravetye Giant – Summer Snowflakes. These are giant snowdrop like flowers that come out in late spring/early summer.
Lilium candidum – the stunning Madonna Lily
Indoor Hyacinths – these have been specially prepared to flower early (hopefully for Christmas) and come in a variety of colours. We sell these as loose bulbs, so if you only want to try one, that’s fine!
Indoor Paperwhite Narcissus – several varieties to choose from, and again these are sold loose so you can have as many or as few as you like. Very fragrant.
Cyclamen cilicium – this is a hardy outdoor variety for autumn flowering
Erythronium Pagoda and dens-canis. Dog’s Tooth Violets. Pagoda is a large yellow form and a great alternative to daffodils in a shady spot. Dens-canis is our native wild flower with dainty mauve flowers.
Iris hollandica Red Ember – a very striking flower in shades of burnt orange and plum purple. Most unusual.
Galanthus Flore Pleno – the double flowered form of our much loved snowdrop.

Autumn and Winter Bedding

Now is the time to take out all your summer bedding plants, as they begin to look tired and the flowers are fading. But it doesn’t mean you can’t have colour in the garden until next spring. We have a great selection of  autumn and winter bedding plants suitable for planting just now which will flower over the coming months.

Choose from:
Pansies and Violas – these are flowering now and will continue all winter and into spring, just having a rest in the very coldest of weather.
Wallflowers – these should be planted now for a showy and fragrant display next spring
Bellis – double daisy flowers will start to appear this autumn, but their main season is early spring
Sweet Williams – these old fashioned favourites make a lovely spring display of cottage garden type bedding
Primroses and polyanthus – these are mainly spring flowering, but a few flowers tend to appear in the autumn.

All these plants are sold in packs of 6 at £3.99 per pack, or 4 packs for £15.

Garden Ornaments

Its not just plants that can add interest to your garden in winter. We now have a range of larger garden ornaments in stock which can make a real statement in the garden. Come and have a browse, because you really need to see them to get the idea of scale.

Autumn Trees in Stock

garden ornaments at Woodside

We have nearly 200 autumn trees in stock following the large delivery that arrived last week. If you have already placed an order with us then you should expect a phone call soon to say your trees have arrived. If you haven’t already pre-ordered then don’t worry – there are plenty to go around! Highlights include a lovely range of Crab Apples (Malus) many of which are bearing brightly coloured fruits just now, a very pretty and unusual weeping variegated cherry called Prunus Frilly Frock, a good selection of Rowans (Sorbus) a weeping Mulberry, plenty of Victoria Plum trees, both on semi-dwarf and semi-vigorous rootstocks, and many more ornamental and fruit trees.. Don’t forget to plant with Bonemeal and Rootgrow for the very best possible start.

Bedding Plants

We are really well stocked with bedding plants just now as we have just had a fresh delivery in. The choice includes pansies, wallflowers, primroses, bellis, Sweet Williams and polyanthus. Summer bedding schemes in gardens are now beginning to look quite tired after the long warm summer, so this weekend should be a good time to haul the old plants out and plant with fresh plants, which will see you through right until next summer. For an even better Spring display, why not underplant with bulbs.


We now have just about all our bulbs in stock, and we have our biggest choice yet, including a fabulous Allium collection (look out for varieties Hair and Red Mohican – you’ve probably never seen alliums like these before!) and some of the giant border Fritillarias, known as Crown Imperials. We’ve also a great choice of Tulips, Daffodils, Dwarf Iris, Species Crocus, miniature Narcissus and lots more. We’ve also got bulb kits inside the shop for Christmas or winter gifts. Fill containers with Dalefoot Bulb Compost for the best results.

Autumn Gardening Essentials

We now have quite a bit more space for stock, due to our lovely new canopy that went up this year, and this means we can offer you more useful products than ever before. NEW in just now are:
Wheelbarrows – in trendy pink or traditional green
Besoms – traditional brooms perfect for sweeping autumn leaves
Leaf Scoops – like a pair of extra large hands to scoop up your piles of leaves
Bulb Planters – these remove a handy plug of earth to help make bulb planting that bit easier
One-handed shears – several of you have been asking for these handy tools, and so we now have them in stock
Herb Scissors – while not exactly seasonal, these amazing scissors are multi-bladed and will cut up your herbs into little pieces with very little effort. Maybe a good Christmas present idea?
Mushroom Kits – perfect for your own use or to give as a present.

Autumn Tree Planting

Frank P Matthews tree nursery aerial shot

With darker evenings  and farmers busy harvesting, our thoughts are turning to autumn tree planting.  Autumn is fast approaching, it is my favourite time of year and a busy one for gardeners.

The late summer and autumn are the perfect seasons for getting trees established. Here at Woodside we bring on some of our own trees from British sourced stock and also work in partnership with Frank P Matthews tree nursery – a multi-award winning nursery which supplies top quality container grown trees to many UK planting projects. As you can see from the photo, this is a huge operation consisting of propagation greenhouses and polytunnels, nursery beds and fields and fields of trees. The lake you can see to the left of the photograph is their reservoir for all that watering.

Autumn Tree Planting Tips

We are now taking advance orders for autumn trees and if you click HERE you will open our list of container grown fruit and ornamental trees that are available this autumn. I’ve indicated rootstocks when appropriate for fruit trees, and pot sizes for the ornamentals, as well as the price. Some of the items are available just now, and the rest will be due in late August/September. If you would like to order a tree from the list please call 01835 830315 and have your card handy to make a payment.  Alternatively email me emma@woodsidegarden.co.uk with your order and leave your phone number so we can call you back for payment. We’ll then phone as soon as the trees are available for you to collect, or we can arrange delivery.

Don’t forget to:

  • stake and tie to secure your trees against wind damage
  • feed trees with bonemeal
  • help the roots establish with Rootgrow
  • use planting compost for sites with poor soils
  • use tree guards if you are plagued by rabbits and hares.

Autumn and Winter Bedding

Autumn and winter bedding plants will be arriving at Woodside soon, along with our biggest range of bulbs yet – lsign up to our newsletter to receive the latest updates.

Self Contained Water Features in Stock

Amalfi self contained water features

New this week (w/c 8th August) are some lovely self-contained water features.

We’ve had quite a few requests for self contained water features this summer after launching our new aquatics department.  We are delighted to be able to bring you a range of water features that are easy to set up, with no mess and no difficult self-assembly. Two of the features are solar powered, so you don’t even need a handy electrical socket for them.

Here is a selection but you’re best to come and visit to get a better idea of size and quality. They all come fully boxed, with easy to follow instructions and would make an ideal feature for gardens, patios and sunrooms.

Amalfi self contained water features

Amalfi Water Feature

Chatsworth Solar water feature

Chatsworth Solar Water Feature

Cascade Solar Water Feature

Cascade Solar water feaure

Gorgeous new plants

We had a day off on the 11th and had a busman’s holiday visiting a wholesale nursery and filling the van with gorgeous plants to bring back to Woodside! There are some real beauties for you this week including:

  • Agastache Crazy Fortune – a beautiful variegated form
  • Agastache Mango Tango – unusual tangerine flowers with a hint of blue
  • Evergreen dwarf Azaleas in pink, orange and white, and a lovely variegated one too
  • A collection of Euphorbias – Ascot Rainbow, Ascot Moonbeam, Black Pearl, Silver Edge and Purpurea
  • Some gorgeous Heucheras – probably the best we’ve had so far this year Can Can (purple leaves) Kassandra (warm amber leaves) and Venus (greeny bronze leaves)
  • Malus Candy Mint – a disease resistant pink flowered Crab Apple
  • Prunus Weeping Yoshino – a gorgeous weeping cherry with pinky-white flowers in spring. This is one of the best shaped weeping cherries I have come across, and we have just 2 available.

There are very small numbers of some of these plants in stock and they are likely to sell fast. To avoid disappointment please give us a call on 01835 830315 to check what we have in stock and to make a reservation.

Gardening In August


Whilst most of you have been enjoying your garden in the sunshine over the last week or so, we have been planning our stock for the rest of the year. In the gardening business we always seem to looking at least three months ahead, which is why I am busy placing Christmas orders. (Sorry!)

Many gardeners will also be thinking about what they would like to improve for next year and will be planning for colour throughout the year. Here are a few things you can do in your garden now and over the next few weeks to increase the enjoyment of your garden.

  1. Plant potatoes ready for Christmas – we have in stock both Charlotte and Pentland Javelin seed potatoes which can be planted now for you to harvest home-grown new potatoes on christmas morning.
  2. Sow autumn and winter bedding plant seeds such as pansies, wallflowers and sweet williams – seeds available in the plant centre
  3. Sow green manure seeds to improve the fertility of the soil
  4. Plant some conifers – we have a new delivery of conifers from specialist growers Golden Grove. These plants offer great value for money with year round interest
  5. Feed your garden – quite often when Stephen and I are answering questions to do with garden plants under-performing it seems that a lot of gardeners don’t realise that plants need regular feeding. With the weather set to break soon (maybe later today?) now is a great time to get some feed into the garden. It’s not difficult to do and usually involves scattering handfuls of granular fertiliser onto your borders, or watering fertiliser into pots and containers, so no heavy digging required! Feeding now will enable plants to build up strength and vigour before autumn and winter set in, which will in turn improve performance and growth next year. Our current range of fertilisers includes Growmore, Bonemeal, slow release granules, TopRose and more. Just ask for advice when you visit.
  6. Plant spring bulbs in autumn – these will be coming into stock in August and into September. Planting in autumn will ensure a riot of colour next spring.


Photo credit: Photo by mostafa meraji on Unsplash



Foraging Experiences at Woodside


We were delighted that guest forager, Jonathan of HartyCulture, led foraging experiences as part July’s mini garden festival. We are hoping he will be joining us again in September, so I thought you might like to read his summary of the day’s sessions.

Foraging Experiences in July

“We had great fun on our voyages of discovery and they were enjoyed by young and old alike. We hardly had to leave the car park with so much there to discuss and digest.

We started off with the wild Geranium family, finding a few varieties of cranesbill, which is handy for anyone with radiation poisoning, heavy metal toxicity or sows scouring. The pineapple weed was as popular a surprise as ever, with one lady aptly asking, “What was it called before they discovered pineapples?” I didn’t and still don’t know, but we then spotted some escaping apple mint, which saved face. Great crop of edible hogweed, which we didn’t touch due to potential photo toxicity. Their broccoli heads were mainly out and the cumin replacement seeds will be ready to harvest soon. The ground elder is starting to flower, which brings it into the danger zone of umbellifer confusion with hemlock; however the celery like, unstained grooved stems of the goutweed was safely sampled by all.

Disappointingly, there weren’t too many nettles, but I rattled on about their many benefits anyway; sure the Red Admiral has to lay her eggs somewhere after floating up from the Med. Nevertheless we found some supertall ones down by the stream along St. Cuthbert’s way, which would be great for cordage. Masses of marestail, great for so many things. We haven’t run out of oil yet, there’s 500 million years of giant equisetum during the carboniferous period to thank for that, however I suspect Emma wouldn’t object to a pet dinosaur keeping it under control. It’s high levels of silica perfectly compliment the bone knitting properties of the comfrey, flowering among the bees buzzing in a corner near the white willow, which is good for everyone and nearly every ailment.

The beech leaves have gone well chewy and was disappointed not to find any porcelain mushrooms growing on the fallen ones. Loads of yew down the woods, which is exciting in chemotherapy and the brave had their heads blown off by green wild garlic seeds. Wood avens in abundance for those with mouth ulcers. Found my first wonder violet among the hazel and lime trees. Some huge wellingtonias, great for totem poles and a sweet chestnut too.There was so much on offer: St. John’s wort, green alkanet, hedge woundwort, common nipplewort, wood-rush, flowering currant, Leopard’s-bane, burdock, ladies mantle, even primrose, which we resisted sampling due to scarcity.

However there was no scarcity of wild strawberries, with banks full of them, but we did keep running out of time, which might have made some late for their lunch, but thankfully no one complained of hunger and for those who mentioned friends and family who would be keen to come too, all being well, I’ll be back to Scotland in September, which will bring a whole new element to the harvest.”

Booking for September Foraging

If that report has tickled the taste buds, please sign up to the newsletter to be the first to hear about the date in September.

Numbers will be limited so I reccomend early booking once details have been released.

About Jonathan

Jonathan is usually based in Northern Ireland, so we are very lucky to be able to book his expertise to share with Woodside customers. Established in 2007, HartyCulture is a family-run business based in the heart of the beautiful orchards of County Armagh, Northern Ireland, offering a wide spectrum of horticultural and landscaping services to private, public and third sector clients, with a focus on quality, sustainability and listening to our customers’ requirements.  They have also contributed a regular gardening column to the lifestyle magazine “Flavour”, and always enjoy presenting to community and other groups on areas of horticultural interest.  Most recently, they have introduced year-round Foraging and Nature Tours in a range of locations across Northern Ireland, where they explore our natural environment during a guided walk through beautiful countryside.


This blog was updated on 16th July to include the July session report.


Photo by Cam James on Unsplash

Bedding Plant Bonanza

Pots and rockery plants

We have a  bedding plant bonanza for you this week with lots of colourful bedding plants to brighten up your gardens, patios, window boxes and containers.

Here’s what we have to offer you:

Argyranthemums (Crazy Daisies) in a choice of colours £4.99 each

Callibrachoas in both single and double flowered forms in a good choice of colours including popular orange shades. Just £2.99 each or “Mix & Match” with any other £2.99 bedding – 6 for £15

Bacopas are back in stock again – we thought we’d seen the last of them, but another batch has become available, also another batch of bright cheerful Bidens. All £2.99 each, “Mix & Match” 6 for £15. We’ve some special varieties of Biden available too – the BEE series – very attractive flowers and ferny foliage. These are in bigger pots and are £3.99 each

We also have a batch of trailing Nepeta for hanging baskets and troughs – a really pretty variegated foliage plant with long trails, and one of the best and fastest growing trailing plants around.

Our “Shades Carry Packs” are back in stock again – packs of 6 plants in Blue Shades, Hot Shades or Pink Shades. No need to worry about plant selection or colour schemes as the choice has already been made for you! We’ve also got Upright Fuchsia Carry Packs and Non-Stop Begonia Carry Packs. All Carry packs priced at £14.99 each.

We’ve got a good selection of “Trixies” again. These are pots of three plants planted as one, and you can simply plant into a container or basket to give an attractive display of flower colour all summer long. These are the perfect choice for novice gardeners as the hard work has already been done – just plant and enjoy! Don’t forget to regularly feed and dead-head all your bedding plants to keep them looking good right up until the first frosts of the autumn.

Pre-Planted Troughs

If you can’t be bothered to plant up your own containers, or want to give one as a gift, we also have a selection of planted bowls, troughs and hanging pots priced from £19.99. These are planted with a selection of bright and cheerful bedding plants, to give a welcome splash of colour to the garden or patio.

Chocolate Cosmos

This incredible plant for chocolate lovers is now available at Woodside for the first time this year. Attractive foliage is topped by deep maroon cup-shaped flowers which smell strongly of chocolate. They look really effective planted in a pot either just on their own or mixed with other plants, or you could mass plant in the garden for a showy, scented display. They are not reliably hardy for overwintering (although the green-fingered amongst you may be able to succeed) so are best treated as a bedding plant, with overwintering a lovely bonus if it happens. Our plants are in 1.5 litre pots, so are a good size already, and are £7.99 each. Hand over a full loyalty card and you can purchase 3 Chocolate Cosmos for £20.

House Plants

We now have houseplants in stock at Woodside, including the famous award-winning Streptocarpus from Dibley’s nurseries. Other plants include Begonia Rex, Spider Plants, Wandering Sailer plants, and Zantedeschias. So there’s no excuse for you garden to be prettier than your house this summer!

Hardy Geraniums and Rosemary

hardy geraniums in bloom

We have a lot of new plants in stock for the weekend including hardy geraniums and rosemary, which many of you have been requesting. Even though the weather is disappointing we are very busy in the plant centre with new arrivals of soft fruit, hydrangeas, bamboos and our biggest range yet of bedding plants.

Hardy Geraniums

We’ve been struggling all season to get hardy geraniums in stock. A combination of a cold spring slowing down plant growth and a reduction in production both in 2020 and this year due to lockdown, has lead to plant shortages. However we’ve now managed to get some hardy geraniums for you to enjoy – choose from Johnson’s Blue, sanguineum Album and Brookside. Next week we’re expecting even more varieties to come in. Sign up for the regular emails for up to date stock information.


So many of you have lost herbs this spring, with almost all local gardeners saying they have lost their rosemary plants. This weekend we will have another batch of Rosemary available after being without for a couple of weeks. Other herbs include Basil, Mints, Tarragon, Lemon Verbena, Thymes and plenty more.

Water Gardening

We have a good range of water plants currently in stock including oxgenators, marginals, bog plants and water lilies. Our beautiful selection of water lilies includes pygmaea varieties for small ponds and larger varieties in a range of colours for larger ponds.

We also stock barley straw pouches for clear water, aquatic compost and baskets for re-potting water plants, and aquatic plant fertilizer for feeding existing plants.
We’ve just had another delivery of coldwater fish – our selection now includes: Goldfish (Comets), Blue or Golden Orfe, Shubunkins and new this week Koi Carp and Ghost Koi.  We also stock a good range of fish food, fish treatments and nets for catching them up.

Latest Plants in Stock

water lilies for sale

We are an independent plant centre, so we like to treat our customers to some specialist plants – ones that will make their garden stand out from their neighbours. We also stock plants that will survive our Scottish weather – very important given the recent late cold snap.  Here are a selection of the more unusual varieties we currently have in stock:

Japanese Maples

These beautiful little trees will enhance any garden and look good in pots, as well as in borders, near water features and in oriental inspired plantings. Our plants are coming into leaf and are hardened off so can cope with the current cold weather.
Acer palmatum varieties:

  • Emerald Lace
  • Trompenburg
  • Dissectum
  • Enken
  • Osakazuki
  • Jerre Schwattz
  • Red Feathers
  • Bloodgood
  • Garnet
  • Katsura
  • Acer conspicuum Red Flamingo
  • Acer shirasawanum Aureum
  • Acer shirasawanum Jordan


Gorgeous full potfuls of plants. We have four varieties available just now:

  • Fargesia angustissima
  • Fargesia Rufa
  • argesia robusta Pingwu
  • Fargesia Jumbo

Water Lilies

If you are visiting our new aquatics department and are wanting to plant up your pond, we also have good choice of water lilies for both large and small ponds

  • Gonnere (White)
  • James Brydon (Red)
  • Marliacea Chromatella (Yellow)
  • Mrs Richmond (Pink)
  • Odorata sulphurea (Yellow)
  • Pygmaea helvola (Dwarf Yellow)
  • Snow Princess (White)
  • Vesuve (Red)
  • Xiafei (Red)
  • Attraction (Red)
  • Charles de Meurville (pink)
  • Sioux (Pale Pink)
  • Albatross (White)

This is just a small selection of the range of plants we have in stock, so please come and browse, if you are not sure we are always happy to advise you.

Ornamental Trees For Sale

ornamental trees for sale

This coming week is a big one for us as Spring arrives and new stock of plants are arriving daily. I’ll be sending out emails as and when stock arrives, so if you would like to receive this information please sign up to the newsletter if you haven’t already done so.

The current varieties of ornamental trees for sale are listed below. Please note some trees we only have 1 per variety, so once its’ gone that’s it. Our garden centre is temporarily closed due to Government Covid Restrictions, so please phone in all orders on 01835 830315 and have your card details ready.

Acer griseum £44.99 (Paperbark maple)
Acer pensylvanium £44.99
Amelanchier Snow Flakes £44.99
Amelanchier Ballerina multistem £125.00
Betula dalecarlica £54.99
Betula jacquemontii  £54.99 (White stemmed Birch)
Betula Snow Queen £54.99
Castanea sativa £44.99 (Sweet Chestnut)
Cedrus deodara Klondyke £49.99
Fagus Dawyck Gold £65.99
Fagus Dawyck Purple £65.99
Ilex argentea marginata £42.99 (self-fertile female holly)
Ilex aquifolia £42.99 (Common holly)
Ilex Handsworth New Silver £44.99 (self-fertile female holly)
Malus Crimson cascade £49.99 (Weeping Crabapple)
Malus Golden Hornet £39.99
Malus Gorgeous £49.99
Malus Indian Magic £49.99
Malus Royalty £49.99
Physocarpus Diablo (tree form) £52.99
Prunus amanogowa £49.99 (Flagpole Cherry)
Prunus avium £44.99
Prunus padus £44.99
Prunus Hokusai £49.99 (Classic Japanese Cherry)
Prunus Jaqueline £44.99
Prunus Trailblazer £44.99
Prunus tibetica £44.99 (Snalebark Cherry)
Sorbus aucuparia £49.99 (Native Rowan)
Sorbus Croft Coral £49.99
Sorbus Eastern promise £49.99
Sorbus Glendoick Spire £49.99
Sorbus Red Bird £49.99
Sorbus Sunshine £49.99
Sorbus Rose Queen £49.99

Special Offer Alnus glutinosa were £44.99 now £29.99 – last years stock and needing to be planted out.

Also in Stock

We have had a new delivery of seed potatoes and onion sets. For vegetable and flower seeds please ‘phone us with your list and we will put together your order.

We have a full range of compost and fertilisers for you to start preparing the garden for spring.

To order any garden centre item including trees, compost and seed potatoes please call 01835 830315 and have your card details ready for payment – we can then make a timed appointment for you to safely collect your order. We cannot accept orders via email or social media – phone orders only please.

**Please don’t just turn up for garden centre items- we cannot serve you at this time and there is no access to the plant centre**