Eco-Friendly Firelighters and Coffee Logs

In addition to logs and kindling  we have extended our sustainable fuels to include coffee logs and eco-friendly firelighters.

Eco-Friendly Firelighters

Many of our customers have been requesting these, so we are now stocking eco-friendly firelighters from manufacturer Dr Heat. These are made out of a grass called Miscanthus, and combined with waste candle wax, they make super efficient firelighters. Here is some information about them:

Miscanthus is a high yielding grass grown specifically for energy production. These crops are grown  in Somerset and harvested in the Spring when they are naturally ripe. Therefore, reducing the need for further drying, and removing the use of fossil fuels to do so, unlike some other wood firelighter products on the market.

Each tonne of Miscanthus burnt, in replacement of coal, will prevent the emission of up to two tonnes of carbon dioxide. An additional benefit of growing Miscanthus is its ability to actively sequester carbon within the crop’s roots.

Miscanthus is recognised as the number one energy crop by the biggest power producers in the UK, as a carbon neutral replacement to coal.

  • High dry matter yield
  • Efficient use of available nutrients
  • Efficient water usage due to deep rooting
  • No recognised pests or diseases
  • Requires no Pesticides or chemical fertilisers

Coffee Logs

Coffee logs  are made from waste coffee grounds collected from cafes across the UK, and turned into compact “logs” with a long burn time, intense heat and good flame, along with a slight coffee scent when you open the bag. These are for use on closed stoves and burners only and are not suitable for firepits or open fires.

The Grocery

Our fresh batch of fruit and vegetables has just been delivered, along with stock cupboard food items, such as curry sauces, naan breads, brioche baguettes and rolls, driied mushrooms (NEW), gnocchi, basmati rice, olive oil, granulated sugar, local honey, free range eggs, polenta, semolina, organic oatflakes, lentils, split peas, dried fruits and chocolate ginger and much more. We also have frozen ready meals available too, just in case you fancy a break from cooking!

January is the time for marmalade making and we have Seville oranges in stock now.

Call & Collect Update:

As I’m sure you are aware, all garden centres and cafes across Scotland are currently closed, and new restrictions have now been put in place for collection services. However I’m pleased to say that garden centres and plant nurseries are still permitted to offer collection services, and you can still place your orders by calling 01835 830315 10am – 4pm daily (just leave a message on the answerphone if no reply). Please note that I cannot accept orders through social media, so phone calls only please for all garden centre products, including wild bird feed, RHS Wildlife Flower seed mixes, and our fabulous SHOWA range of garden gloves. Don’t forget you can collect items when shopping for our groceries too.