Seed Potatoes and other gardening stock now available

Some of our deliveries for new gardening stock have arrived earlier than expected, so we  are pleased to be able to take telephone orders for delivery or collection. There is no access to the garden centre at present, so we can only accept phone orders: call 01835 830315 – please leave a message if there is no answer. The grocery shop remains open daily, 10:00 to 16:00

Seed Potatoes:

We now have the following available at £3.99 per bag (apologies that we can’t split bags at this time)
Arran Pilot – 1st Early with white flesh and a firm waxy texture which holds its shape when cooking
Duke of York – 1st Early with a dry mealy texture. A very popular variety for Scottish growers
Epicure – 1st Early which matures early and makes renowned “new potatoes”
International Kidney – 1st early also known as Jersey Royal
Pentland Javelin – 1st Early waxy new potato for salad use and boiling
Rocket – 1st Early which matures early and has good disease resistance
Sharpes Express – 1st Early with pale lemon flesh which is excellent boiled as a new potato
Organic Colleen – 1st Early with good natural disease resistance making it suitable for organic gardening
Charlotte – 2nd Early which is our best selling variety, suitable for a wide range of uses, and is well known to all cooks
Estima – 2nd Early and one of the most popular all round UK varieties, makes good baking potatoes
Nadine – 2nd Early – one of my favourites for picking early for new potatoes or leaving longer for a good all-rounder

Vegetable Seeds:

Our 2021 range of vegetable, herb and green manure seeds is now in stock. There are too many varieties to list, so the best thing to do is to call on 01835 830315 and tell me your list and I’ll let you know what varieties we have and will pull an order together for you. Please note that I’m still waiting for my delivery of onion and shallot sets but hope these will be in soon.

Fruit trees:

Fruit trees are going to be very difficult to get hold of this year, but I’ve managed to get hold of a batch to keep us going for a while:
Apple Bramley
Apple Charles Ross
Apple Katy
Apple Discovery
All apples are on a M26 semi-dwarf rootstock

Damson Merryweather
Gage Cambridge
Gage Oullins Golden

Pear Conference
Pear Concorde
Pear Catillac
All pears are on a QA semi-dwarf rootstock

Plum Czar (St Julian A)
Plum Opal (St Julian A)
Plum Victoria (St Julian A)
Plum Victoria (Pixy)
These are all lovely looking trees and are ready to be planted out, once the ground conditions improve.


Our new season delivery of compost is due in next Monday (weather permitting) and I have ordered a bigger load than usual so that we don’t end up running out like we did last year. Demand is likely to be strong again this year, as we are all champing at the bit to get growing and get gardening, so I’m happy to take pre-orders. I know it seems early for items like growbags and seed compost, but I do recommend purchasing in good time so that you’re all ready to make a start once spring arrives.

We will have:
Peat free multi-purpose compost
Multi-purpose compost with added John Innes
Ericaceous compost for acid loving plants
Seed compost
Dalefoot Wool seed compost (Peat Free)
Farmyard Manure
Growbags – 2 different sizes
Dalefoot wool compost (peat free)
Dalefoot wool compost tomato planters (peat free)
Dalefoot wool compost for salads and vegetables (peat free)
Vegetable compost
Tree and shrub planting and potting compost
Decorative mini bark
Composted bark for mulching
Soil Improver
Lakeland Gold Claybuster