Ornamental and Fruit Trees now in stock

It’s been a very busy week with ornamental and fruit trees now in stock.

Look out for the delicious honey-scented Sarcococca, which is in flower just now and filling the air with it’s gorgeous perfume, and we also have 2 different varieties of Daphne, also smelling very sweet. Our Hamamelis (Witchhazels) are in bud and flower, and you can choose from 5 varieties – Rubin, Aphrodite, Arnold Promise, Pallida and Diane. We also have a handful of really bushy Camellias in stock, which are all bursting with buds and the promise of flamboyant flowers – Nikisi Kerin, Nuccio’s Pearl, Kick Off and Marie Williams are our current varieties.

Ornamental and Fruit Trees

With the new delivery we now have over 300 ornamental and fruit trees to choose from.

My favourites are:

  • Acer tataricum Hot Wings – an very ornamental Maple with winged scarlet seeds in autumn
  • Betula jaquemontii – one of the very best white stemmed birches
  • Betula albosinensis China Rose – a birch with shiny copper peeling bark
  • Cercidiphyllum japonicum – the Katsura tree, which has spectacular autumn foliage which smells of candyfloss
  • Fagus sylvatica Midnight Feather – a weeping birch with feathery purple/black leaves
  • Liquid amber – beautiful trees with Maple shaped leaves
  • Malus – Crab apples. We have a choice of 10 different varieties, all with attractive autumn fruits
  • Nyssa Red Rage – shiny dark green leaves that turn a fiery red in autumn
  • Quince – these are the proper fruiting quinces, not the ornamental Japanese quince (Chaenomeles), and we have 3 different varieties – Meech’s Prolific, Serbian Gold, and Vranja
  • Sorbus – Rowans, or Mountain Ash. 10 different varieties to choose from.

These are just my personal recommended trees – we have many more in stock, all suitable for growing in this area. They do sell quickly and it might be autumn before another batch comes in, so if you’d like anything reserving just call 01835 830315, or better still, come in and see the full range for yourself.

You can see some plant highlights on our Facebook page, by clicking here.