Summer Flowering Bulbs

Summer flowering bulbs are new in stock for this year. These are an extensive range of bulbs for planting in spring for flowering this summer.

While it’s still too early to plant most of these outdoors just yet, you can still plan ahead and store bulbs in a cool but frost free dry place until you’re ready. Of course if you have a heated greenhouse or conservatory you can get a bit of a head-start and get potting up sooner rather than later.

Our Gladioli varieties are:

Paloma Blanca – pure white with ruffled edges
Seashore – purple with a yellow throat
Sunshine – cheery yellow with an orange flame
Michelle – a short stemmed variety, deep orange with a yellow throat
Pescara – a short stemmed variety with rich ruby red blooms
Atom – a hardy variety, orange-red with a white stripe
Fiona – a hardy variety with white flowers
Nymph – a hardy variety, white with a red lip – very pretty
Vulcano – a hardy variety, pink with paler throat

Our Dahlia varieties are:

Big Hailstone – white
Edinburgh – wine red-purple with white tips – very pretty
Night Queen – deep rich red
Onesta – bright pink waterlily flower
Penny Lane – pale apricot with darker orange stripe
Fire & Ice – white with red stripe
Night Butterfly – striking deep maroon outer petals with paler inner petals
Sun & Ice – yellow and white two-tone flowers
Totally Tangerine – pinkish orange
Bishop of Canterbury – bronze leaf with dark pink flowers
Bishop of Leicester – bronze leaf with sugar pink flowers
Bishop of Llandaff – very popular bronze leaf variety with bright red flowers
Bishop of York – bronze leaf with rich gold flowers

Other Summer Flowering Bulbs now available:

Convallairia majalis rosea – pink Lily of the Valley
Convallaria majalis – white Lily of the Valley
Cyclamen hederifolium – autumn flowering hardy cyclamen
Agapanthus Blue – popular South African lily
Nerine bowdenii – stunning pink summer/autumn lily type flowers
Lily Eyeliner – white with a fine dark purple edge
Lily Forever Linda – yellow/ orange
Lily Lake Carey – pink
Freesia – mixed colours
Galtonia candicans – white
Paeony Sarah Berhardt – soft pink double flowers
Crocosmia Lucifer – flame red flowers

We also have peat-free bulb compost for planting in pots and for improving garden soil.